Joe Pagliarulo (“Joe Pags“) spoke about his experience with the TSA’s invasive security procedures, the 4th Amendment, and what the state of Texas is doing about. Filling in for Glenn Beck, Pagliarulo quoted the following from bill sponsor Rep. David Simpson (R-Longview):

Any person who touches another person without probable cause to believe that person has committed an offense, or who touches [the sexual organs] of the other person including touching through clothing or touches the person in a manner that would be offensive to a reasonable person would be guilty of a crime.

A second bill introduced by Simpson would prohibit the use of full body imaging devices. Pagliarulo explained:

[The bill] fines the operator [of the devices] $1000 every day that the device remains in place.

Pagliarulo then expressed his support for the bills:

Wow. I love it! I love it! How is this not the right way to go? … I challenge you to tell me why this man standing up for your 4th Amendment rights and mine  is not the right way to go.

Michael Jolley
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