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State Rep. Daniel Itse of Fremont, NH, wants to create a volunteer “permanent state defense force,” separate from the New Hampshire National Guard, to assist with disaster relief and “defend the state against invasion.” The legislation would require NH Gov. John Lynch to establish a state guard comprising an undetermined number of volunteers who sign up for one-year stints. It would have an “inactive reserve” made up of all able-bodied adult state residents, with exemptions for conscientious objectors, state and federal officials, and others.

Itse might be considered the founding father of the Tea Party movement as it was Itse who proposed in February, 2009, that the state of New Hampshire need not comply with federal legislation, citing Thomas Jefferson’s Kentucky Resolutions. Within days, 37 states followed his initiative. This has brought a seismic shift in American outlook, from one of global conquest via economy, military, IPad, Google or Bono, to one which might be called a sense of regional dominion.

In this vein Governor Bob McDonnell of Virginia creates a new standard of governance, Judge Andrew Napolitano openly speaks truth to millions on prime time, and millions of Americans have awakened to the importance of their states as a defense against federal malfeasance and overreach and discovered the Constitution. Dominion tells us who we are where we are and how we willfully determine our own fate there.

“I simply believe it would be prudent for us to have it, in this day and age,” Itse told the Concord Monitor.

But Will Hopkins, executive director of New Hampshire Peace Action, described the proposal as costly and unnecessary. Hopkins, a former Guardsman, will testify against the bill. He said it would create “a rag-tag bunch of folks” too little purpose.

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