When will we learn? The Middle East is a tinder box of tribal factions that spend their time looking back instead of toward the future. The hatred runs deep within the countries and the hatred is vile toward the west whenever we stick our nose into the fight. Our men and women of the military deserve a better strategy and I think I have one.

It is time to pack up and leave Afghanistan and leave the tribes to fight amongst themselves. Our military did exactly what we needed them to do when they removed the Taliban and killed the majority of Al Qaeda members that were using the country as a training ground and launch pad to attack the west. Mission accomplished for sure. The troops and the US can leave with our heads high and in victory.

We must monitor the activity there and if we see a resurgence of activity that is threatening to the west then we come back in and destroy everything and anything associated with that activity and go home. It is a fool’s errand to think we are going to democratize such a backward nation, and even if we could the cost is enormous in both treasure and lives. Not worth it when the people of Afghanistan are tied to a religion and culture that keeps them in poverty and ignorance based on religious beliefs.

Our strategy in the oil states of the Middle East should be simple; stop buying their oil. The best strategy to end the hatred in the Middle East toward the West is to end our purchase of Middle Eastern oil. If you think about it what else do they have that we need? Nothing! They produce nothing useful in this world beyond a barrel of oil. The next administration (because we know this one is anti energy) needs to take on energy independence like JFK took on a mission to the moon.

The energy strategy of the United States should be tied directly to our military strategy. Currently the price of oil does not consider the cost of our military operations. If we were no longer dependent on Middle Eastern oil the military mission and costs change. Right now our military is focused on the ME mainly to insure the safe flow of oil. We don’t account for that in a gallon of gas but we should. If we were to develop for real a comprehensive national energy strategy, we could eliminate the need for ME oil.

If we were to stop buying or reduce the amount of oil we purchased from the Middle East, what would happen? The OPEC cartel would not be able to function. They would have one option; become a civilized partner in the world or starve. They could still supply other nations but losing one of their biggest customers will change the dynamic and make them realize they must behave in certain ways if they want our business.

If we don’t need oil from other countries the entire military strategy of the US changes. We don’t need to be concerned with people warring among themselves unless they export that war to our allies or our homeland. We don’t need to send our troops to be put in harm’s way of a people that fundamentally hate us. We can focus our military efforts in other regions that show more promise of democracy than the Middle East has shown.

We need to stop thinking that people are going to like us in the Middle East if we free them and force democracy on them. I believe all people want freedom but freedom is not something to be given, it is something that must be earned and defended. Until the people show an interest in freedom beyond simply changing dictators we need to stay away.

Our country is broke and the cost of our military in the Middle East is a cost we can no longer afford. Oil keeps us there so we must change our strategy from oil importer to an energy independent country. Oil is being found everywhere around the globe including our own back yard. Let’s develop and use it, support it with a comprehensive policy including all forms of energy and bring our troops home…

The 10th Amendment

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