President Obama speaking to a group of school kids (8th graders I believe) was responding to a question inquiring into the difficulties of being president. He responded by whining about how he has to deal with congress and citizens that are divided in thought. He can’t just enact his ideas about Healthcare and budgets etc…

It is not the first time the President of the United States has complained about our divided government. It is exactly what our founders designed to protect us from people like the current president. The president also whined about how he has to follow our constitution which is ironic since he does no such thing. Whether it is going to war without authority (Libya), using TARP funds as a blank check, or attempting to force Americans to pay for health insurance or be fined in his Obamacare legislation, he has no actual understanding of the federal government’s role. Specific and limited is the intended scope of our federal government. It is mind boggling how far we have wandered from the original intent of our constitution.

He despises this country’s past and is embarrassed of our wealth which is why he is so determined to “change” our country. He is a product of the radical sixties, and he has little respect for the constitution or our founders. He believes we are racist, selfish, and war mongers. He ignores the facts that without America this world would be a dark and gruesome place. He fails to accept this world is a much better place not because of our government but because of our freedom, wealth, compassion, and commitment to Christian values.

Mr. President, next time you speak about our country to the future generations I would appreciate it if you showed some respect and pride. We have so much to be proud of and complaining about our system does nothing to inspire our future generations to greatness. Keep your misgivings to yourself. If you don’t like the job; please feel free to resign. There are plenty of patriots that would be willing and able to take on the hard but honored position of being a leader of the greatest group of people on this earth. There is no need to worry about a successor the constitution covers that. Our founders knew that the best government was of the people not about any one person. We don’t need a savior; the people of the United States could get along quite nicely without you thank you.

Now that is a lesson every young American should study…

The 10th Amendment

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”



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