The Woods/Levin affair has doubtless grown tiresome, but special thanks to Mike Church, host of the Mike Church Show on Sirius/XM, for having me on to discuss the war powers issue, along with what I would tell Levin listeners if I had their attention. (I’m not quite at the top of my game at that hour of the morning, but I think I did OK.)

Mike, who has gone from neoconservative to Ron Paulian despite standing to gain nothing professionally by doing so, had Tom DiLorenzo on his show the day after Congressman Lacy Clay smeared Tom. (Tom studied under a Nobel Prize winner, has scores of peer-reviewed articles, and perhaps a dozen books, but that wasn’t what Rep. Clay thought was important, natch.) When the AP said some unpleasant things about me, Mike devoted a chunk of his show the next day to defending me.

Levin, you will not be surprised to learn, is now calling Mike names. You can see from our interview that Mike was not disrespectful toward Levin, keeping the conversation on the level of “Levin’s facts are wrong, and here’s why.” Levin, on the other hand, resorts to dumb-guy smears as a matter of course, so we couldn’t expect him to return the favor. In our entire exchange he offered zero references to any relevant sources, confining himself entirely to bare assertion. Of course, Levin won’t debate me on television or in person. Hence the Facebook group some people formed: “Mark Levin is scared to debate Tom Woods.”


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