We are pleased and proud to announce that Chelene Nightingale has agreed to join us at Nullify Now! Los Angeles on May 28th. She will act as MC for the event, and her years of public speaking experience make her perfect for the job.

Get tickets here – http://www.nullifynow.com/losangeles/ – or by calling 888-71-TICKETS

For the past seven years, Chelene Nightingale has been a leading Constitutional activist organizing many political events that garnered both national and international attention. In fact, Ms. Nightingale organized the “Free the Texas Three” march for Deputy Gilmer Hernandez and Border Patrol Agents Ramos & Compean in Hollywood. The march was featured on the nationally syndicated show “America’s Most Wanted.”

Back in 2006, she was the campaign manager for the libertarian gubernatorial candidate, Art Olivier. During the campaign, they visited the late, great Aaron Russo’s home for a meeting and watched his extraordinary documentary, “America: Freedom to Fascism”. During the last presidential election cycle, Chelene received the honor to personally meet and endorse Congressman Ron Paul.

In early 2009, the Constitution Party asked Ms. Nightingale to be their candidate for California Governor. The Nightingale for Governor Campaign easily won the primary election and won an historical third place for the party in the general election. Chelene Nightingale is the highest female third party gubernatorial candidate in the history of both California and the United States.

This daughter of an Air Force veteran has won past awards and achievements, including the National Veteran Coalition’s “America First Award”, the Constitution Party’s “Eternal Vigilance Award”, and a listing in Marquis “Who’s Who”. Past leadership roles include managing director, a vice-presidential position, production coordinator, and director. Besides operating a family business, Chelene currently is a home schooling mother and public speaker. She just went in front of the cameras to portray a Fox News reporter for an upcoming political film written by Art Olivier.

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