by Nick Hankoff

Jordan Page has just been confirmed for the upcoming Nullify Now! LA event ( Thankfully so, because this movement needs more musicians like him – although we are unlikely to find any that match the heart and loyalty he has for the cause.

The problems of government that we, the politically-unconnected class, face today are not unlike the problems of yesterday. Yes, they are unprecedented in size and scope but not in principle. Today, lawless, pandering opportunists are dictating our futures based on a worldview seeing the Constitution as property of the federal government to be defined and dispensed by their own discretion.

This has been a somewhat workable theory for federal officials for a long time. Well, all good things must come to an end, even for powermad pilferers. Now is the time to nullify.


On Saturday May 28 in downtown Los Angeles at the AT&T Center’s 30th floor penthouse, hundreds will hear the case made for nullification. I don’t think they will need much convincing but the event runs all day with heroic speeches and into the night with unflinching rock from Jordan Page. Not a bad deal for $10 general admission.

And students get in free? Yeah, the revolution is coming. Get your tickets here right now! – or by calling 888-71-TICKETS

Thanks to grassroots support from Republican Liberty Caucus, PopModal,, Society of Libertarian Entrepreneurs, Oath Keepers, Young Americans for Liberty, Freedom & Prosperity PAC, We Won’t Fly, Hollywood Republicans, Freedom Law School and individual donations, this event is able to present an exciting prospect and atmosphere for those who find themselves under the proverbial boot of unconstitutional government. The stage is set but still more must be done.

Spread the message. Tell your friends, family, coworkers and neighbors about Nullify Now! Los Angeles.

You can share this message or volunteer to distribute fliers. Word of mouth is the lifeblood of a free society. Don’t be silent. Silence is food for statists. Nullification rose to prominence in early America when it was illegal to speak out against the powers that be. Don’t let this tradition slip out of the people’s minds into the dustbin of history.

The 10th Amendment

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”



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