May 31st, 2011

With Special Session called, Texans urge Governor Perry to stand by his states’ rights position by including HB 1937 (TSA groping bill)

Austin, TX – Having been betrayed by the Texas Senate, a coalition is organizing to encourage Governor Perry to include HB1937 as part of the upcoming special session. The coalition consists of conservative groups, civil liberties advocates, and libertarians.

Having already passed the Texas House of Representatives unanimously, supporters of HB1937 were disappointed to learn that the Texas Senate had caved in to federal threats that the TSA would shutdown air travel in Texas if the bill were passed.

When the dust settled, many realized that TSA agents were acting outside of their authority in lobbying the State legislature the day of the vote and that the threats emanating from the Department of Justice were entirely empty and unfounded.

Texans are hoping Governor Perry will stand by his strong states’ rights rhetoric and do the right thing. “For the past couple of years Governor Perry, who recently announced his interest to run for President, has positioned himself as a staunch opponent of overreaching and unconstitutional federal actions”, said John Bush, Executive Director of Texans for Accountable Government. “We are ‘Fed Up’ with the TSA and are confident that Governor Perry will do the right thing.”

The coalition has been encouraging supporters to call, e-mail, or fax the Governor and tell him to include this important and widely supported legislation as part of this special session.

Coalition members on board thus far: Texans for Accountable Government, Central Texas Republican Liberty Caucus, Austin Tea Party, Texas 25th Conservatives, New Revolution Now, Texans United for Reform and Freedom,The Austin Tea Party, Operation Defuse, Liberty Restoration Project, the Tenth Amendment Center and the Libertarian Party of Texas.


For questions or comments, contact John Bush at or call 512-773-6102

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