Having watched the video of my recent speech in L.A., a critic writes:

Woods isolates himself by insulting the “Left,” since he’s still brainwashed by that false Left-Right paradigm.

I don’t know anyone – Left or Right – who appreciates being groped by the TSA, or who wants their food genetically modified, or wants to bailout banksters, or who embraces never-ending war.

Let’s grow up politically and recognize what we agree on, instead of dividing us further with these insults based on a 200-yr-old French label that no longer fits anyone today.

It may be a bit harsh to call me “brainwashed,” especially when at the end I went out of my way to look for people on the New Left who might have been sympathetic to my message, and given that I did, after all, do this:


Now part of me agrees with “the Left-Right spectrum is meaningless” argument.  But another part of me thinks as follows: someone watches the Rachel Maddow Show, and those people do describe themselves as being on the Left.  And — having experienced this myself, courtesy of thought-control websites that expressly identify themselves with the Left — I can testify that 99.9% of such people are disposed to demonize nullification, an idea they know zero about, even though it could be used to bring about “progressive” goals.  Further, 99.9% of them are nationalists, who cannot imagine a decentralist approach to human affairs.  Hardly any of them have had a single unconventional thought in their lives.  They fully deserve the ridicule I dished out to them.

And many of those people, Maddow included, certainly did support the bailouts. Has my critic missed all the perverse “I told you so” articles about how wonderful TARP turned out to be?  As for “never-ending” war, it depends on whether a Democrat is in charge. We all know what happened to the “antiwar” movement under Obama.

Now I did not invent these people.  They do exist.  While considering themselves cheeky, they dutifully repeat every foundational myth of the regime.  They are beneath contempt intellectually and morally.  Perhaps the objection is to calling them “leftists.”  Would it make things better if I called them wuzzles, and then criticized wuzzles?

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