We are excited to be planning a Nullify Now! Event in Philadelphia! We are not yet confirming a date, but one target is Sept 17th, which is Constitution Day! With our friends from the Pennsylvania Tenth Amendment Center partnering on the event, some of the details in the works are: Great speakers – Tom Woods, etc…, workshop/breakout session(s) with informational packets, and a “Candidate Panel” for dialogue with the NJ candidates/legislators who attend. It should be a great Event!

But – it’s only in the PENDING stage right now. We need your help to make it a reality. Visit the website below right now to pledge your support, get involved, take action – we need to spread the word today!


Good ideas are only as good as the people who spread them. And we need good people like you to take action – not next month, and not next week. Today, not tomorrow, now. Please help us bring this important educational event to Philadelphia – where people from both New Jersey, Pennsylvania – and beyond – can join us….learn, network, and get active in support of the constitution.

Help us “Bring the Nullify Now! Tour to Philadelphia!”

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