from an update sent by State Rep. David Simpson

I am writing to ask that you consider asking the Governor to add HB 41 (and SB 29) formerly HB 1937 (the anti-groping bill) to the call for the special session.

The time is very short. I expect the special session to wind down next week. Senator Patrick has asked the Gov. to add it and has the votes. The Lt. Gov. has asked for it to be added to the call. I have 112 coauthors in the House and it passed out of committee unanimously, and I have asked for it to be added to the call. If the Gov. just led on the issue, it would fly through and demonstrate his courage to stand up for the common man, for dignity, for freedom, for the Constitution.

The Governor is considering adding the legislation to the call today according to his legislative director. He could possibly add it next week, but we are down to the wire.

The legislation has been blessed of God every step of the way, overcoming great odds but with unanimous support, at every step so far. I am looking to the Lord who parts the Red Sea and who gets glory by showing his mighty hand.

A timely call right now would be huge.

Here is a link to the YouTube videos from yesterday’s Fox interview of Chairman Smitherman and Rep. Barbara Nash’s egregious experiences with the TSA that you may want to share. Be sure and see the longer one.

I have received emails from all around the country. I think it would only help the Gov.

The issue is not going away and has much grassroots support.

The SREC voted overwhelming for it (all but one)

The Washington Times supports it.

The NYT is publicizing it.

For Texas, and Liberty,
David Simpson