by Tim Shoemaker, cross-posted from Campaign for Liberty

It all comes down to one man, TX Gov. Rick Perry.

Earlier this year, the Texas House passed State Rep. David Simpson’s bill to protect traveler’s dignity and basic civil rights by clarifying that TSA employees do not have immunity from TX criminal code simply because they are “following orders” from a rogue bureaucracy in Washington, D.C.

Unfortunately, the bill was pulled in the State Senate without receiving a vote during the regular session after the DOJ stepped in and basically threatened to turn Texas into a “no-fly zone.”

The bill can now only come under consideration again during the special session of the legislature if the Governor himself adds it to the list of bills to be taken up during the special session.

The Washington Times has an interesting editorial about this – calling on Gov. Perry to step up and add the bill to the docket for the TX Legislature’s special session.  As State Rep. Simpson has suggested, it would seem a perfect fit for a politician who wrote a book titled “Fed Up!”

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