This article is example #8,933 of the importance of Jack Hunter as an Old Right, non-neocon writer and speaker.  Jack discusses his meeting with Kirkpatrick Sale, the radical decentralist who had enough principle to have his name removed from the masthead of The Nation when that magazine began drooling over Obama.

Sale, whom I have also met, and who even contributed a blurb to Who Killed the Constitution? (which I wrote with Kevin Gutzman), is a very interesting person. Long associated with the Left (though not the managerial, centralist Clinton/Biden/Obama kind), Sale thinks the present system is evil and corrupt beyond repair, that it is possible for political societies (yes, ours included) to be simply too big, and that the only solution is a radical decentralization in which the imperial temptation to force every neighborhood into a centrally planned mold is set aside, and where everyone can simply find a place he likes.

Say these things to neoconservatives like Bill Kristol and you may as well be waving a crucifix before Dracula. Why, why, why, this is…non-mainstream thinking! Shame on you, citizen! We should be debating whether the top marginal income tax rate should be 39.5% or 35%!

I am tempted to say that you are succeeding in emancipating yourself from the ideological prison camps the mainstream media and political classes would confine us to (i.e., choose Barack Obama or Mitt Romney, citizen!) in proportion to how much Jack’s appreciation of Kirkpatrick Sale resonates with you.

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