by Doug Tjaden

NOTE: Doug Tjaden will be a featured speaker at Nullify Now! Kansas City – discussing Constitutional Tender and its relationship to the Nullification Movement. He’ll also talk about his company, SilverSaver – which is a Founding sponsor of the event. Get tickets here – – or by calling 888-71-TICKETS


Let’s cut to the chase. Those working to restore this nation’s constitutional foundation had better resolve themselves to three important facts.

#1.  We do not have much time left. The clock is ticking and we are in the eleventh hour.  Enough said.

#2. The economic and political environment in which this restoration project is taking place is about turn ugly in a way nobody wants to admit. It will unfortunately, because vast numbers of people in this country hold two deeply entrenched, yet diametrically opposed, worldviews.

Progressive Socialists believe the government is the best and last arbiter of all issues – whether social or financial, local or global. The only way out of our problems, they claim, is to give the central (and increasingly, global) government more power and money. The Constitutional Conservatives on the other hand, believe big government is the problem, and the central government must be stripped of its power and money, with both being returned to the people and states.

Diametrically opposed political and cultural worldviews do not co-existed indefinitely. In this country, they have for one simple reason –  Perceived prosperity.  Easy money (actually it’s easy credit, but that’s another subject) created an environment of economic and political stability. Historically, this is not an environment in which world changing events occur.

Those days are over. History will show they ended during the hot summer of 2011. The heated nature of the debate to raise the United States’ debt ceiling awakened millions of Americans to a painful reality. The perceived prosperity of our debt based consumption binge is over. The resulting economic instability will magnify what many have sensed for some time now – our country is also politically unstable. And that IS an environment where world changing events occur.

This assertion is confirmed by a Rasmussen poll released this week showing that only 17% of Americans believe the government operates with the consent of the public.  Pollster Pat Caddel called the results “pre-revolutionary.” A pretty strong statement. However an accurate one.

This country is entering a period of monumental change. Which leads me to the final fact we must resolve ourselves to.

#3. We have one chance to get it right. The collective wisdom of those who hold freedom dear must be directed in such a way as to achieve maximum return for every hour volunteered and every dollar spent working toward that goal.

As our fellow Americans awaken again to the concepts of liberty and Constitutional government, we must make the case that governmental tyranny and economic chaos can only be solved by implementing both the principles of 98’ and sound money. Restoring constitutional government cannot be done through the principles of 98’alone. Nor by implementing sound money alone. They must be implemented simultaneously by the states – and immediately.

Our posterity depends on it.

I will make that case at Nullify Now! in Kansas City on August 20th.  Please join us there!

The 10th Amendment

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”



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