Jennifer Jones, on June 28th was given the floor to speak at the public meeting of the City Council. As she began to speak City Council Member, Mr. Winslow, moved to motion to stop Jennifer Jones from speaking. The struggle then began between Mr. Winslow and Mayor Foster in allowing Jennifer to speak. Mr. Winslow asked for the police to remove Ms. Jones from the meeting, while the Mayor kept telling Police Chief Gilbert he was in violation of his rules of order. The Police Chief as well as two other officers wrestled the microphone from Ms. Jones and correspondingly arrested her for resisting and took her from the meeting. This is a classic example of stepping upon the First and Fourth Amendment rights of Ms. Jones as well as the Arizona Constitution Article 2 Section 5 & 6 . Police Chief Gilbert was in direct opposition of following the order of Mayor Foster. Since this episode at the June 28th meeting a power struggle between the City Council, Mayor Foster, and the Police Chief has ensued and many interesting points are coming to light. Something is very wrong in Quartzsite!

Quartzsite Fiasco Video of town hall meeting as well as actions taken by the Police Officers.

Since this infamous meeting the City Council called a private meeting to oust the Mayor and give the power to the Police Chief, this is in direct violation of Arizona Statute Chapter 3 Article 3.1 38-431.01. On May 11 of this year 10 of the 12 Quartzsite Police Department had signed a letter of “No Confidence in Police Chief Gilbert and since has requested investigations. Upon these actions the Police Chief Gilbert has tried to fire the Officers who signed the above letter, as well as ordered the officers that they must stay in their homes during the day. Some have claimed that this was the declaration of Marshall Law in the town of Quartzsite. The abuse of power runs deep and long in this small town and time for the people to help clean it up!

What is amazing in this development is that the Superior Judge of La Paz county, Michael Burke, has excused himself from the case! Superior Court Judge of Mohave, Randolh Bartlett was called in to rule on the termination of the police officers. Judge Bartlett has ordered a temporary restraining order for the town of Quartzsite to reinstate all officers until a pre-termination hearing is allowed to these officers with a neutral decision maker. This order came down on August 1 as reported by the Parker Pioneer newspaper. The town of Parker is the La Paz County Seat.

On August 27th OathKeepers have organized a Liberty Rally to ensue in Quartzsite to show the solidarity of sovereign citizens of; Quartzsite, the State of Arizona, and our wonderful sovereign citizens from around the states united! The time has come for the show down of Constitution vs. Corruption! If you are able to attend this Rally on the 27th please do so! Time for the state of Arizona to turn it’s eyes upon the small town that is destroying not only our States United Constitution but the Arizona Constitution as well as the breach in State Statutes! Click here for information on the Liberty Rally

People, please wake up and see, it is the actions of a lone woman trying to speak in Liberty on things she has seen as injustice, willing to sacrifice her own freedom in the process. It is the actions of a few Oath Keeping officers willing to sacrifice their own avenue to income to stand against injustice and protect the citizens from corruption and manipulation, as well as their families who stand behind them! My question to you is; What and When will you make the sacrifice to stand? What and When will you reclaim your sovereignty?

Team up with Arizona OathKeepers and Arizona Tenth Amendment Center to take our sovereignty back! It starts within our towns and branches out to our counties, then our state! People we do have the power just seize the opportunity!

Click here to see the views of one of the citizens in Quartzsite.  Will our State begin a deep investigation?  Only time will tell!  Time for Arizona Sovereign Citizens begin to speak out loudly because people this isn’t the only town these things are happening in, do you go to your town hall meetings?

This writer proudly salutes Jennifer Jones as well as those Police Officers and Mayor Foster for making the stand.

The 10th Amendment

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”



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