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Freedom is not free! The Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights are the most important articles of Americas’ Liberty. The Amendments beyond the tenth focus much less on the rights of the people and much more on the power of the state. In a free society, such as the framing of our Constitutional Republic, Independence and Peoples’ Rights are ratified by God. They are unalienable! Starting with the Eleventh Amendment to the Constitution, ratified February 7, 1795, it was the state that began ratifying successive amendments; as it turns out, to increase their power. Simply put, the first ten amendments aren’t amendments at all; they are original (The Bill of Rights) truths set forth with Liberty for the people as their framework. Draw your own conclusions from these statements, here we will endeavor to lay the groundwork for how we got to this point and then restoring that framework in the name of Liberty for all.

As America descends down this road towards tyranny manufactured by the forces of evil, those who fail to study and understand history, will perish. Under cover of providing security for the people, the banksters and corporate fascists have and will create 1) problems; analyze the peoples’ 2) reaction; then appear as their savior with their 3) solution. Freedom-loving people who have studied history know of this manipulation. In their attempts to inform others of this sequence, they are outcast as ‘whackos, delusional and extremist’ by the majority who are usually self-centered to the point of only caring about their own security and what-have-you-done-for-me-lately attitude.

These folks are not free because they are looking to someone or something else to provide for them and it is this reliance on other than oneself that makes one dependent. It was also this attitude that has been recognized by oligarchs throughout history who, no doubt thought to themselves, “how ignorant are these people?” “They think they’re entitled to something so let’s be the ones to give it to them, then we can control them.” One present day term for this is Entitlement Programs; and there are thousands of them in America. Simply put, if one is dependent on another, that person won’t know what to do when that source of dependency goes away. And again, history tells us that it will.

Rather than focus on what happens when ones’ source of dependency disappears, let’s concentrate on our Independence and The Bill of Rights. Since we need more positive influences in our lives today, here we endeavor to reach out and help individuals who will listen, then take action. This is a much more productive course than bashing and trashing the criminals who are responsible for problem, reaction, solution. That course tends to augment the evil and violence already in society, not to mention how it drains ones’ energy which should be used for good. So, for those of you who want to take action to retain and then restore your Freedom and Independence, here are some helpful ideas.

Start by reading the Declaration of Independence and The Bill of Rights. Know these well and what they mean, as they will form the basis of your own sovereignty. Know these well enough to know that the First of The Bill of Rights addresses much more than Freedom of Speech (a large part of this learning process is getting accustomed to discovering these truths for oneself because one learns much more by doing; remembering that dependency is not part of Freedom). Humans are creative beings, born with innate abilities to learn, improve self and help others through education and a sense of accomplishment. This initiative is ours to do with as we please. Free choice gives us the option to embrace and share it.

Then, each of us has the God-given right to do with this information as we please, remembering that infringement on anothers’ right to do so conflicts with our First Bill of Right. This is crucial to understanding what it means to be free. Because we are creative by nature, expressing ourselves freely on that basis, without prejudice, is non-negotiable. When we accept that, we also accept that when one uses prejudice it is merely a reflection of ones’ lack of understanding of what it means to be free. That’s where the learning and sharing comes in; i.e. – the helping of our fellow man.

Getting back to this ‘duty’ to help one another through learning history and educating others on truth and what is really important in life, will set you free. It is tremendously empowering and leads to a stress-free journey. Find it within yourself.

Doug Berge
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