I understand Jeffrey Lord has another attack on Ron Paul (and me) over at the American Spectator. Naturally this happens when I am about to catch a plane and head to New York for three days of events. I guess he is upset that some people have criticized Reagan. Reagan is evidently the Obama of the right — the infallible savior against whom all criticism is a form of blasphemy and perversion. How dare you say Reagan wasn’t free-market enough! Why, the Supreme Neocon Council has declared that Reagan was exactly the right amount free market! The question is closed, citizen.

Libertarians, Lord complains, don’t unquestioningly wave incense before everyone who uses the words “free market.” Darn right. We do not wave incense before the pantheon of the gods presented to us by the Americann Spectator or anyone else. Lord thinks this is a defect. Most people, I suspect, would consider it a virtue.

As for Russell Kirk, I think he was unfair to libertarians, but he was merciless on neocons like Lord. I referenced Kirk because we were talking about foreign intervention, and since Lord thinks bringing feminism to Afghanistan is high on the list of conservative imperatives, I thought I would throw a little cold water on the question.

For now, I’ll remind readers of who won the last exchange. Here’s the video I made against Lord. He cannot and will not answer my specific arguments because there are no such answers.