Florida Is Suing over Obamacare with the Right Hand, and Taking Money from it with the Left Hand

So, Florida is suing over Obamacare’s individual mandate BUT taking money from the program just the same.  So, does the State believe only the individual mandate portion is illegal, or does it believe that the federal government does in fact aside from the individual mandate, have the right to provide national health care.?

SB736 was the first bill signed by then new Governor Rick Scott amid much ballyhoo of holding teachers accountable. Truth be told, this bill put us in compliance with Obama’s Race to the Top educational stimulus funds program. You can see this for yourself at:http://www.flsenate.gov/Session/Bill/2011/0736/Analyses/muFTDvHr0Q73q2juitoddnRzzqw=%7C7/Public/Bills/0700-0799/0736/Analysis/2011s0736.bc.PDF Notice that Race to the Top is referenced eleven times in the Florida Senate’s own analysis.

What is the outlook for LIBERTY in the upcoming Florida session? Based on acceptance of Obamacare monies and additional RTTT funds, we would think not very good. While the Governor and Legislature may talk a good game of not wanting the Feds in their business, the reality is, they will do what they need to do to get the money. Including head fakes to those of us who have asked for the passage of LIBERTY legislation.

From the St.Pete Times-http://www.tampabay.com/blogs/the-buzz-florida-politics

“The state Legislative Budget Commission is ordinarily a sleep-inducing group that rubber-stamps state agencies’ requests for mid-year spending authority. But a small federal grant in the Department of Health stoked a passionate debate Wednesday.

In the end, the commission approved a request by Gov. Rick Scott’s administration to accept a $3.4-million grant under the federal Affordable Care Act to help at-risk families by providing home visits by professionals who will steer them to various services. The grant is a requirement for states seeking Race to the Top early-childhood learning money, which Scott also favors.

The panel approved the grant on a voice vote, with Sens. Joe Negron of Stuart and Don Gaetz of Niceville voting no. “I don’t think it’s proper that we wrap ourselves in the flag of low educational achievement, addressing poverty, helping with domestic violence and dealing with addiction, since this program provides no services that actually assist people,” Gaetz said.

Two Department of Health officials were doing a lackluster job of explaining the need for the grant until a member of Scott’s budget team, Jane Johnson, stepped to the podium and offered an impassioned speech on why the grant makes sense. Sen. JD Alexander, R-Lake Wales, urged lawmakers to vote for the grant to not “damage” Florida’s ability to qualify for up to $100-million in Race to the Top money.”


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