California legalized medical marijuana for seriously ill patients in 1996 and it is now legal in 16 states and DC.  However, the Obama Administration wants to shut down pot dispensaries in California.

Obama’s renewed ‘War on Drugs’ is ironically led by the Department of Justice while they are currently trying to cover-up the Gunwalker/Fast & Furiousscandal that involves the federal government handing military-style assault weapons over to Mexican drug cartels.  The guns have been used to murder people on both sides of the border.

More than 42,000 people have been killed in drug related violence in Mexico since their president Felipe Calderon stepped up his ‘War on Drugs’ in 2006.

Legalization of drugs will end drug trade related violence.

The US ‘War on Drugs’ is an abject failure that costs US taxpayers $15 billion a year, or $500 a second.  The ‘War on Drugs’ has wrongly imprisoned tens of millions of non-violent American drug users and costs taxpayers almost $200 billion a year.

If the federal government was sincere about stopping drug use, they would end the CIA’s drug smuggling adventures.

The federal government’s enhanced War on Drugs is not really about drugs, it’s about crushing States Rights under the Tenth Amendment and generating mega-profits for the pharmaceutical industry.

Ron Paul endorses ending the War on Drugs.


California legalized medical marijuana, despite federal government attempts to stop the State, but California nullified the federal drug law under the 10th Amendment.  In 2005, California lost the federal Supreme Court case against medical marijuana.  But California nullified the federal Supreme Court power grab, thus setting a precedent for ignoring the Supreme Court when they fail to follow the Constitution. 

California was successful in nullifying this bad federal law because California had massive support from the People.  This is the key!

Therefore, the federal government is struggling to convince the public that its unconstitutional federal laws supersede States’ Constitutional laws.

But you will notice that the feds are not attacking California’s Constitutional law, instead they are using the back door to shut down dispensaries through stealing assets and property by way of forfeiture.  The federal plan to close dispensaries involves stealing the land and buildings from landlords who rent space to dispensaries.

The so-called Justice department collects over $1 billion a year from forfeiture theft.

The feds have initiated this Federal vs. State battle to the death to maintain the false illusion that unconstitutional federal laws trump Constitutional State laws.  The feds are threatened by the growing 10th Amendment movement.

California’s Governor Jerry Brown refuses to stand up for the People and he frequently sells out California taxpayers.

Ron Paul is a champion of the 10th Amendment. 


It is important to support the People of California in their choice to legalize medical marijuana because this issue transcends marijuana.

Retired Supreme Court Justice Stevens recently said that the Supreme Court will likely rule ObamaCare is constitutional based on California’s medical marijuana case and the false interpretation of the Interstate Commerce Clause.  Stevens forgot to mention that California nullified the Supreme Court ruling.

The real war is the battle of federal tyranny vs. the States and the People.   The federal government’s favorite weapon is the Commerce Clause in which the feds pursue ownership and control over trade and goods.  The Commerce Clause states:

“The Congress shall have Power To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian tribes”

Judge Napolitano explains how the Commerce Clause has been profoundly abused:

While 12 States have bills to nullify ObamaCare, there are tax penalties included in ObamaCare, so even when ObamaCare is nullified, the People will still have to pay for it.  The IRS is the enforcer.

Ron Paul advocates abolishing the IRS. 


Surprise!  The pharmaceutical industry (Big Pharma) wants to bring marijuana derived PATENTED products to the market to increase their already bloated revenue (reported to be over $315 billion in 2007).

The medical marijuana market is estimated to reach $1.7 billion in 2011, and Big Pharma wants a monopoly on the market.

The Obama Administration wants marijuana to stay a Schedule I drug and considered to be as dangerous as heroin because of its high abuse potential.  But the Obama Administration also considers marijuana safe enough to use on people in Big Pharma drug trials in order to bring marijuana pharmaceutical drugs to market.

Jerry Brown fully supports Big Pharma, toxic drugs and big profits.

Ron Paul endorses reform of the FDA.


Because California nullified the unconstitutional federal law, the federal government has no legal recourse of merit.  So the federal government is strong-arming people to comply with its unconstitutional laws through intimidation and punishment.

•  Landlords risk forfeiture of their land and property if they rent space to dispensaries
•  The IRS taxes gross income, no deductions, in order to tax this legal business out of existence.
•  The ATF says that gun dealers may not sell firearms to marijuana users (again, another great irony, given the ATF’s role in Fast & furious).

Ron Paul rejects unconstitutional federal laws. 


Because medical marijuana is legal, it opens up the door to using cannabis for other purposes that threaten corporate monopolies.  Industrial hemp, also in the cannabis family, and the reason for outlawing marijuana, can be used for:

•  High protein food source
•  Animal feed
•  Plastic replacement
•  Resins
•  Fuel
•  Wood products
•  Paper
•  Textiles
•  Cosmetics

Ron Paul is an industrial hemp supporter.  

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