The Tenth Amendment Center is currently seeking to fill the position of National Tour Development Coordinator. This is a part-time, commission-based, contract position.

A Tenther. You proudly recognize that the constitution isn’t about political parties or political ideologies – it’s about limiting federal power – and this allows both “liberal” and “conservative” programs to flourish in their own areas as the people of the states determine. You’re an advocate of nullification. You might not be an expert, but you at least know a little about the following – the Principles of ’98, Joshua Glover, the Real ID act of 2005, Thomas E Woods, Jr, Sheriff Mack, Gonzales v Raich, and the Alien and Sedition Acts. You equally oppose Obamacare, the Patriot Act, the federal war on drugs, the department of education, wars without congressional declaration, and TARP – recognizing they are all violations of the constitution.

As National Tour Development Coordinator your responsibility will be to conduct outreach by email and phone to help develop support for new Nullify Now! tour events in various cities and states around the country. A 5 hour weekly minimum should be expected, but the sky is the limit. The more time you’re able to put in, the greater chance that you’ll have of hitting required goals – increasing your income potential. Here’s a regular workflow: 1) Identify a potential location 2) request a campaign be built by HQ to support the effort 3) data mine to collect contact information – both email and phone – for local groups that might have interest in support 4) generate introductory emails to send to all 5) send follow up emails and make follow up phone calls to build rapport and support. 6) Rinse and repeat. This is a VERY general overview of the process, and while you’ll have considerable creative discretion, you’ll work closely with the executive and/or deputy director of the TAC for advice, input and approval.

We will provide significant “training” – sharing our advice and recommendations on how these campaigns have worked in the past, and will be more than open to suggestions or ideas you may have to be more effective. For an example campaign, see the following link –

-Strong appreciation and support for the TAC mission
-Willingness to learn
-Availability to work a minimum of 5 hours/week on your own time
-Comfortable with Google Docs, spreadsheets, skype, powerpoint/keynote, and general computer skills
-STRONG communication skills – both oral and written
-Attention to detail and a sense of self-ownership
-Strong organization and time management skills

-Demonstrated ability to build and manage relationships
-Ability to prospect and close sales
-Entrepreneur with the passion to build a business
-Tenth Amendment Center Newsletter subscriber with a strong understanding of our current national tour
-Experience blogging with WordPress or other platform
-Strong social media skills – Facebook, Twitter, Google+

This is a 100% commission-based contract position. You will earn a base percentage of 10% on all previously-started projects that you take over and complete. You will earn a higher percentage on all new projects – negotiable. Incentives included.

Do you believe in the TAC mission – The Constitution. Every issue, every time. No exceptions, no excuses?

Do you consider yourself dedicated, resourceful, creative, driven, and open to new ideas?

Do you agree that in order for liberty activists to be more successful they need to be able to earn a reasonable income – freeing up their time to do more for the cause?

Do you think coffee is for closers?

Then this is the project for you.

How to “apply”

Send an email – no attachments please. Link to outside items you want to include. – to Use the subject line: National Tour Development Coordinator. Tell us a little about yourself, your involvement in our mission, your time availability and your skills. Resume? Include it if you think it’s REALLY important and related. Otherwise, don’t. We’ll ask for it if we think it’s essential.

The 10th Amendment

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