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We’ve got about 3 hours of important info to pack into 60 minutes, or so! The biggie? The new NDAA nullification movement is moving forward. States, counties and towns are all starting to get on board. And one of the leaders in that effort is Virginia Delegate Bob Marshall, who joins us to talk about his bill to require Virginia non-compliance with the new federal kidnapping “law.”

We’ve also got a ton of big event announcements. We sent a few of those out in our latest newsletter on Monday – and a few more to share here in this episode.

Plus good friend of the Center, Robert Scott Bell joins us as a special co-host this week. He welcomes as guest, Dr. Nick Gonzalez. They discuss the FDA vs your freedom, the nature of government, history of tyrannies and more. Health freedom and political freedom intersect with RSB!

For far too long, we the people have accepted partisan hacks as people worthy of votes – and organizations worthy of support. We’re pretty sick of it.

While the rhetoric is often good from these people on specific issues, it all goes into the trash when a political party or candidate changes positions – and we ALL know how often THAT happens. Closing the show, Michael Boldin shares another example of representatives from a major national organization on the left that clearly cares more for a political agenda than the liberties their name implies.

Referring to Virginia HB 1160, “We are not going to participate in any enforcement whether it is a Virginia State Police, whether it is a local sheriff, whether it is a college, whether if it is the national guard or the Virginia Defense force; we will not take people off the streets and hold them in this sort of Kafkaesque means of assuring social order.”

“In Washington DC in the archive building where they hide the Constitution in the bomb proof vaults, so the members of Congress can rewrite it when no one is looking. There is a phrase on the building and it says, ‘Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.’ It doesn’t say part time vigilance or mostly vigilant, it says, ‘Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.’ When you send people to act in your name, you constantly have to have the ability to monitor what they are doing.”

About HB1160 after the committee passing the bill, the committee chairman informed Delegate Marshall that the governor’s office is against it. Marshall’s response, “Wait a minute. Is he (The Governor) against it because, the guy he endorsed, Governor Mitt Romney said he would sign it (NDAA). You could have heard a pin drop when I said that.”
–Virginia Delegate Bob Marshall

“The difference between people who believe in government and people like Robert (Robert Scott Bell) and myself, we believe in the decency of people and people who believe in big government believes that everyone is horrible.”

“The only thing that government cares about is its own power, and soon as people detour for what they think what you should be doing and all hell is to pay. The stronger the government the worse the punishment.”
–Dr Nick Gonzalez

“Who would want to eat a government official? They taste awful and would be full of toxins!”
–Robert Scott Bell

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The Tenther Radio Team for this Week
Michael Boldin, Robert Scott Bell, John Michaels, John Lambert

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