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From the close of Tenther Radio, Episode 118

I’m sure you all know it’s important to change the oil and antifreeze in your car. Failure to do so will ultimately ruin your engine.

But imagine if that was the ONLY thing you ever did to you car.

Think of it; one day you’re driving down the road, and the car starts to smoke and shudder. The next thing you know, the temperature gage is pushing up into the red. So, you pull over at the nearest service station, and you tell the mechanic, “I seem to have a little problem. Please change the oil and coolant.”

The mechanic pops the hood and pokes around. He notices coolant mixed in with the oil. A few minutes later, he comes into the waiting area.

“Dude, you have a cracked head. It will have to be replaced.”

“Oh no,” you reply. “That’s OK! just change the oil and the coolant. It will be fine.”

The mechanic just shakes his head and tells you he’s not going to waste his time and your money. So, you hop in the car and limp on down the road to the next garage.

The whole scenario repeats.

Obviously, no respectable mechanic is just going to change the oil and coolant in a car with a cracked head. It won’t do any good! Even if your car needs an oil change, but also has a cracked head, it doesn’t matter how many times you throw the oil out, you’re still going to end up with sludge.

You haven’t addressed the fundamental problem. The engine is bad. The foundation is broken.

Too many Americans take the oil change approach to politics. They recognize the problems, but they essentially just keep changing the oil – doing things that can only have real impact if the system is working properly.

What do I mean by political oil changes? Well, focusing all attention on D.C. You know, voting the bums out. Protesting and begging politicians to please quit violating the Constitution.

And depending on the federal employees appointed as judges in federal courts to limit federal power.

These actions can have some impact when the foundation is sound. But the American system is broken. The Constitution has been virtually disregarded, only dusted off when some politician needs a good campaign soundbite. Washington D.C. will never fix America’s problems because Washington D.C. IS the problem.

You have to fix the engine.

And the only way to do that is to work outside of the broken system to bring it back into its original state – through our state and local governments – utilizing the tool of nullification.

None of the founders ever said that when we face massive constitutional violations, we should wait a couple years to do something about it. Voting the bums out isn’t the first response, it’s the last one.

The first thing you need to do is resist.

I can assure you that this isn’t going to be easy. But this way, with hard work and long-term dedication, we have a blueprint that actually works.

If that’s too risky or too difficult, you’re just going to have to accept living in tyranny.

The time for waiting – is over. The time to nullify – is now. Not after the next election or the next Supreme Court decision. Not next year and not next month or next week. Today, not tomorrow, right now.

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