Can the various states make enforcement of National Defense Authorization Act’s (NDAA) indefinite detention provisions (kidnapping!) a bit more difficult for the federal government? Can they, on behalf of their citizens, withdraw consent from a blatantly unconstitutional law that kidnaps persons and denies them due process of law?

Last week, once again, DC Downsizers joined in an effort to partially nullify that law. The bill, introduced by Delegate Bob Marshall, HAD ALREADY PASSED THE VIRGINIA HOUSE.

Your calls and emails to State Senators tipped the scales, from a 20-20 vote, to a veto-proof 39-1 vote for a slightly amended version the next day. But because the bill was amended, it had to go back to the House.

Now, Congressman Frank Wolf (R-Va) is getting involved. He’s insinuating, through Delegate Barbara Comstock, that some forms of federal cooperation will evaporate.

And Ms. Comstock is also arguing that, even though she and her colleagues have sworn an oath to the Constitution, this is a federal problem, and none of their concern.

And here’s my favorite part! Some members are bothered that many of the people calling and writing are using the word “nullification.”

We’ve been told it’s a turn-off. Really?

Imagine that. Scared of a little word. There are two things to point out here.

First, as much as I wish it was, HB 1160 is NOT a true nullification bill. It’s a non-compliance or non-cooperation bill. The bill merely suggests that state and local employees and facilities can NOT be used to assist with an NDAA-style arrest or detention.

But more to the point, last week, one of our helpful allies was the Japanese American Citizens League. They wrote a passionate, open letter to the members of the Virginia Senate endorsing HB 1160. So I ask this next question, not with hyperbole, but with respect.

I wonder, if the Virginia Delegates had a chance, KNOWING WHAT THEY KNOW NOW, to stop the “internment” (kidnapping) of Japanese Americans, would they believe nullification was just and proper? Or would they…

* Cower to a Washington politician, like Frank Wolf, who threatens them like a mafia don?

* Echo the do-nothing attitude of Ms. Comstock, who says the civil liberties of people in Virginia is none of our business?

What a bunch of wimps! The opposition to this bill is unworthy of the oaths they’ve sworn.

But our concerns don’t end there. The Governor, Bob McDonnell, has his eye on the Vice Presidency. Through back-channels, he’s letting it be known that he doesn’t want to have to sign or veto this bill this year.

And this is where things get really pathetic.

96-4. That was the vote tally when HB 1160 passed the Virginia House the first time. But believe it or not, the bill is now in danger of being defeated!

In other words, perhaps as many as 47 could flip-flop, whether it be in support of their governor’s political future, or under the threats of Frank Wolf, or the policy of benign neglect of the Constitution as suggested by Barbara Comstock.

Yes, Virginians, it appears that at this late hour, many legislators need a spine-infusion from YOU.

If you’re not from Virginia, please pass this on to someone you know in Virginia.

But if you are a citizen of the Commonwealth, please act NOW!

Here’s the action to take…

1. Visit the link below for contact information for your Delegate:

2. Click on your Delegate’s name to get their email address and TWO phone numbers – capitol and district offices.

3. CALL them. Best option – respectfully, yet firmly – urge them to pass this bill. Let them know that you want them to stand up for the Constitution of the United States AND the Constitution of Virginia. They took an oath to both.

4. EMAIL them. Even if call, you can still email too. Or just email if you’re shy. Send a courteous yet convicting email, urging them to vote yes on this bill.

5. Do the same for the Governor’s office – 804-786-2211 or

Please, take action now.

Remember, everyone across the country can take action too. Tell Congress to repeal Sections 1021 and 1022 of the NDAA, using’s Educate the Powerful System.

Jim Babka
President, Inc.

P.S. I’m guest hosting a talk-radio show tomorrow (Wednesday). The show is Straight Talk w/Jerry Hughes, heard on the Accent Radio Network.

My guest is Lynn Atherton-Bloxham. She’s a fomer commodity and stock broker and a long-time pro-freedom activist. She wrote a column that I think is incredibly important, not necessarily for what she wrote (which I liked), but more so for the question she’s asking and answering which is, “HOW do we make society more peaceful, prosperous, and free?”

Increasingly, it seems to me, fighting about politics isn’t going to get us where we want to go. The problem is, simultaneously, deeper yet simpler. There must be some basic ethical principles that guide us such that, those who violate them, believing it’s okay to violate their word of honor or the rights of others, should feel profound shame, regardless of their occupation.

We’ll discuss that column, at length. You can get a head start by reading it: “The 21 Step Civilization Improvement Program”

You can listen live at 2:07 PM Eastern (1:07 PM Central, 12:07 PM Mountain, and 11:07 PM Pacific).

To hear the show on the web, or to find a local station, visit the network’s website.

Affiliates can be found in Alabama, California, Florida, Georgia, Missouri, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Utah, and Oregon.

You can also listen on your phone! Toll free at 1-386-524-0333.

Jim Babka
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