Resolution to Preserve Habeas Corpus and Civil Liberties passed in Moffat County, Colorado

The resolution reasserts that the county officials have sworn an oath to the Constitution of the United States and it is their responsibility to maintain their oath which they will oppose any rules, laws, regulations, bill language, executive orders from an overreaching Federal Government which would effectively take our civil liberties.

Also, the resolution specifically cites sections 1021 and 1022 of the National Defense Authorization Act as mandates the county will not comply with the Federal Government. A key section of the resolution follows:

BE IT RESOLVED, the board of County Commissioners of Moffat County, Colorado, is in opposition to sections 1021 and 1021 of the United States National Defense Authorization Act, and does hereby support the Colorado Constitution and the Constitution of the United States of America and all the freedoms and guarantees as guaranteed by our Founding Fathers and as provided by the brave members of the armed forces.

On March 13, the Moffat County Commissioners voted 2-1 in favor of the resolution. According to the Craig Daily Press , County Commissioner Aubrey Danner asked Moffat County Sheriff Tim Jantz if he had experienced “push back” from law enforcement officers at the federal level.

“The federal government has the tendency to do executive orders or certain acts that would supposedly supercede our directives here,” Jantz said. “I’m not going to abide by that. I wasn’t elected by the entire nation. I was elected by the people of Moffat County to uphold their rights under the Constitution, and I will continue to do so.”

Jantz cited a recent example in which a representative from the U.S. Department of Labor informed local authorities they were planning to apprehend a local resident without a duly active warrant.

“I basically told him, in no uncertain terms, that they were not, or I would arrest them for criminal trespass under the state law,” Jantz said. “He told me I couldn’t do that and I basically told him ‘yes I will and you can’t stop me because you are violating the U.S. Constitution.’”

Moffat County, Colo. is the 10th locality nationwide to  pass a similar resolution, and the fourth in Colorado alone.

To track NDAA nullification legislation across the U.S., click HERE.

If your state, county or town has not yet taken steps to stop kidnapping under the NDAA, you can find model Liberty Preservation Act legislation that you can propose to your state representative or senator HERE.

The 10th Amendment

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