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Michael Boldin and Jason Rink kick off the show talking about two new bills from Congress – HR347 and HR5 – the former on new “protest” laws and the latter on republicans pushing for mandates on the states in a big way while claiming to work on a repeal of part of Obamacare.

Jason Rink commenting on Special National Security Events, “These are events where the Secret Service are involved in any way.  You could have no knowledge that there is Secret Service present like at the Superbowl.  Even if you have no knowledge that the Secret Service is there, and after all, they are Secret Service.  This type of event is one where you have very limited options in exercising your free speech and protesting and it can be a Federal crime.

The first guest on the show was Pat Carmack – producer of the documentary, The Money Masters.

When asked about how much is really known about the Federal  Reserve, Carmack answered, “It is a complex subject, and it has been deliberately made very complicated.  The major banks has long controlled the American Economic Associaton.  The hiring of economic professors in major universities throughout the United States to make sure that all students learn is gobbledygook.”

Carmack continued by saying, “The whole international economic system is deliberately complicated.  Why is that?  They want to hide what the major international banks are doing.  The reason why is because it is incredibly unjust.  They are conslidating wealth at an incredibly fast rate, and almost all of the economic crisies you see are part of that process.  They are not accidental.”

When asked about the Federal Reserve being either an independent, government or private entity, Carmack answered, “It is quasi-governmental.  It has certain features of a government entity, and certain features of a private entity.  For instance, it is a stock corporation.”  He continued later by explaining, “Five major banks controls sixty-one precent of the stock.  It won’t surprise you to know those: Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup, Wells Fargo and Goldman Sachs.”

Carmck referring to Ron Paul, “He has done a marvelous job and needs to highly commended.  For bringing the attention of the American public to the real villain which are the banks that control the Fed.  (Federal Reserve)”

Ken Ivory, state representative from Utah, also joined Rink and Boldin, primarily for a discussion on what’s being done in his state to regain control of federally-“owned” land.

Ivory said, “If you look at a map of Federal Land holdings.  If you go east to west, there are very little Federal Land. In fact, only four precent of the state land is Federally held land up to the east edge of Colorado.  From the eastern edge of Colorado west, is fifty percent, and Utah is sixty five percent controlled by the Federal Government.

Ivory gives example of the problem, “There are about two thousand oil and gas leases in eastern part of Utah that just have been sitting on a beauracrat’s desk that represents two and half billions dollars of immediate revenue for the state which is just sitting there!”

Ivory also discusses his Bill Transfer of public lands act, “We set a deadline.  It is set for December 31, 2014 for the Federal Government to honor it’s promise to dispose of the land and to do it now through an Utah Lands Commission.”

At the close of the show, Boldin shares some perspective from TAC research analyist, Derek Sheriff, who writes about some alarming statements made of late by Defense Secretary Leon Panetta. Did the founders envision the executive branch not “needing” to come to Congress for approval of offensive military acts?

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