When President Obama took office the price of gas was $1.86 a gallon. Today it averages about $3.50. If you are “lucky” enough to live in California it is over $4.00 a gallon. Gas goes up and down but why? And more importantly what does it mean to the economy and your family?

A few simple math equations to make the point:

To fill a 20 gallon tank:

At $1.86 it costs $37.20

At $3.50 it costs $70.00

The difference of $32.80 every time you fill up your tank.

Now let’s say you have to fill up once a week. The average commuter may have to do it more and depending on the car you drive it may vary as well.

At $1.86 the cost per year is $1934.40 a year to keep your gas tank full once a week.

At $3.50 the cost per year $3640.00 a year to keep your gas tank full once a week.

A difference of $1705.60 a year for a once a week fill up for one car.

Now the average family has at least 2 cars and I would expect for some it is 3 and it may even be that one of the cars get filled up more than once for those commuters in bigger cities. But I want this to be as simple as possible so by multiplying by 2 the average family has had to pay $3411.20 additional since the policies of Obama have taken hold.

What could you do with an additional $3411.20? Make a mortgage or rent payment or two? Pay for a vacation, food, clothing, and kid’s sports? Maybe put it in a savings or 401K plan? There are many things people could use this money for in their lives.

This President in his 2008 campaign said he wanted gas prices to go higher “gradually” to make “green” energy more attractive. More attractive at what cost? Why would we pay more for green energy when we have such an abundance of fossil fuels? Why are we paying our hard earned income to the Middle Eastern countries because we are unwilling to show the market we are willing to produce more oil?

This additional cost is killing the economy and making life more difficult for families. Is that what we hired this president to do for us? Solar and wind power will not power our cars anytime in the near future. These investments should be made not at the expense of rising gas prices but as a sound long term strategy to supplement oil energy.

This president does not care about the $3411.20 cost to the hard working American family. He has an agenda to line the pockets of his fat cat green energy pals with our tax money and in addition our higher price at the pump. You see if the Middle Eastern countries knew we were serious about harvesting our own oil they would be frightened to death. Oil is the only thing they have to offer this world. If we reduce our dependence on their oil they would have less money to feed their people. That would immediately impact the price of oil and the arrogance they show. The problem is they know this president is not willing to do what’s right for American energy policy so the prices continue to rise.

This issue alone is enough to replace him in November!

The 10th Amendment

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”



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