Approximately one week ago, I wrote a blog entry discussing Connecticut House Bill 5389, which would allow for the legalization of medicinal marijuana in Connecticut. On Saturday, the bill was passed by the state Senate and is now headed off to Governor Dannel P. Malloy who has openly stated that he plans on signing it into law.

Connecticut will become the 17th state (plus D.C.) to defy D.C. edicts and legalize medicinal marijuana.

Most important now though is that fellow Tenthers like you and I, show support for legalized medicinal marijuana both in Connecticut and in our own states. We must continue taking this battle to the streets. Medical marijuana is perhaps the most important issue in terms of state rights for two main reasons:

1) The federal government want to punish marijuana users as criminals. As a result, legal medicinal marijuana in now 16 (and soon 17) states is a very big slap in Uncle Sam’s face.

2) With Obama-care being declared unconstitutional in several states and medicinal marijuana spreading throughout the country, there is a silent battle occurring between nationalized health-care and the option for states to create their own health-care. If ever, this battle ceases to be silent, such a clash between the states and the federal government could be very harmful to Uncle Sam and his elitist posse.

As a result of these two things, we must continue to advocate for medicinal marijuana. Those of you living in Alabama, Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Maryland, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio or Pennsylvania must stand up and fight for these eleven states all have pending legalization to legalize medical marijuana. If you live in those states, write your Senator and Congressmen and get the word out!

As well, track marijuana bills from every state here and see how they are (and sometimes are not) progressing. Become active and fight for medicinal marijuana. It may be our greatest weapon against the tyranny of Uncle Sam.

The 10th Amendment

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