The world we live in is changed since the War on Terror began.  That is a fact that cannot be denied.  The truth is, anyone attempting to board an airplane is a potential terrorist.  It is possible some of us could be without even knowing it.

To save us from ourselves, we have the Department of Homeland Security bravely labeling Christians, returning war veterans, pro-lifers, and many other groups unrelated to 9/11 as terror threats, just to be safe.  And at our airports, we have the Transportation Security Administration engaging in enhanced patdowns and revealing scans of children, grandmothers and nuns.  These are the people most effective at preventing shoe bombers and underwear bombers and assorted other wardrobe bombers from getting on the planes.

I for one feel safe knowing we have these aggressive measures in place to prevent another terror attack.  But what happens if the wrong people get hired for the job?  What happens if the terrorists infiltrate the TSA?

Enter brave citizen Carol Jean Price.  A woman of 59 years, she was boarding a flight to Ohio when she was chosen for a patdown.  After the procedure was completed, she asked to speak with a supervisor.  According to other TSA Agents, she reached down and grabbed the leg and crotch of the TSA Agent to demonstrate what happened to her.  A police report, according to the story on Wink News, was filed, along with charges of assault and resisting an officer.  Similar incidents have occurred elsewhere, one in Miami, another in Phoenix.

This should set off alarm bells.  What were the unnamed TSA officers afraid Ms. Price would find?  Could this gang of TSA Agents actually be a terror cell that has infiltrated our noble government’s ranks?  If they had nothing to hide, why did they object so strongly to being subject to the same scrutiny to which we patriotic citizens willingly submit?

Ms. Price, instead of assault charges, should be receiving a medal of honor for her work in keeping our airport security personnel accountable to the people.  The passengers’ rights to scrutinize our government’s trustworthiness must not be infringed?

That is why I propose state and local governments pass the PRIVACY! (Personal Responsibility In Vehicular Air Commuting Yes!) Act.  I may not have the knowledge to write the actual bill personally, but under the PRIVACY! Act, there would be a local police officer, accountable to the county sheriff, who is then accountable to the people, at our airports, available to pat down our TSA Agents whenever requested by prospective air passengers.  If the passenger is not satisfied with the police officer’s thoroughness, he or she should be allowed to perform a search of the TSA Agent in question personally.

One might say this is extreme, but as our elected officials in DC like to remind us, we are at war!  The TSA Agents may ask for legal representation before being subject to this.  To answer that, in the words of Senator Lindsey Graham, “Shut up!  You don’t get a lawyer!” If one continues to object to this common sense legislation, simply respond, “What?  Are you on the side of the terrorists?”

I call on some of the more legally savvy minds in the Tenth Amendment Center to put together this important model legislation.  Then, I call on Americans of all political stripes to call their state and local officials and demand one thing – a little PRIVACY!

Benjamin W. Mankowski, Sr.

The 10th Amendment

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”



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