Of the many grievances endured by our Constitution, our current President’s indeterminate nationality is a minor one. This does not mean I disapprove of the biographical colonoscopy presently being conducted by breitbart.comJerome Corsi and others; I say have at it. But even if Geraldo Rivera were to track down a Standard 8 film of Barack Obama’s water birth in the Mogonga River, liberals aren’t going to start plastering Romney ’12 stickers on their Chevy Volts.

Most of the other infractions, a roll call of which would include Obamacare, the NDAA, the Departments of Education, Energy, Housing and Urban Development, Agriculture, Labor and Transportation, and the Federal Reserve, are far more deleterious to our wallets and our liberty. The absence of the foregoing would not result in urban areas not being developed or kindergartens being shuttered. I imagine dairy farmers will figure out how to market milk, and banks, without Freddie Mae and Fannie Mac, will underwrite risk-worthy mortgages.

The good news is that we need not wait for the U.S. Supreme Court to repair the damage that it itself wrought on the Constitution over the last century. The doctrine of nullification, used against both the partisan Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798 and the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850, is alive and well. A-List founding fathers like Thomas Jefferson and James Madison considered absurd the viewpoint that the Federal Government was the exclusive or final judge of the limits of its own power. The states, after a Rip Van Winkle snooze, are awaking to the idea that ‘no’ can be an answer. Nullification laws opposing the NDAA, REAL ID, marijuana laws, Obamacare and the Food Safety and Modernization Act have passed or are pending in a dozen states.

We can and should make every effort to send the Obamas back to Chicago. But Barry is only the present face of a decades-long erosion of our freedom. Join (or start!) the fight against tyranny and constitutional overreach in your own sovereign state. Our Constitution is in distress and the 2.7 million federal civilian employees might not be inclined to help.

Benjamin Gross
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The 10th Amendment

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