Is It Time for the Pitchforks and Torches?

When it comes to defying the federal government local and state government politicians can barely hold themselves erect because of the lack of a spine.

Maybe its visions of the schoolyard bully on a grand scale that has them cowering in the corner but let’s face it most people do not like conflict, they just want to get along. Be honest, don’t you say things in private that you would not want to say to someone’s face, especially if that someone is an “authority figure”?

Well it’s time to get over it!

A young activist Brian D. Hill is taking the word activist to heart. He not only has a website U.S.W.G.O United we Stand We the People run the Government Org but he has taken the extra steps to further the cause of liberty.

Remember there is one thing that politicians fear the most and that is a group of tireless angry voters. We may not be able to make them become true believers in the cause of liberty, but we can make them understand what their opposition will cost them at the next election. It is time for all of us to take on the hard job of getting our hands dirty and really get to work!

Here’s what you can start doing right now….

Complaining is Not Enough
I have been to numerous Tea Party meetings and have read the posts on FaceBook and FreedomWorks and from other “activist groups” complaining about government actions. Well, the time for complaining is over it is time to take action!

Meetings without Resolutions are a Waste of Time
You are planning your monthly meeting or social get together, well make it something that matters. Do you personally or does the group have an issue that has been raised recently about what the government is doing? Well then, do as Brian did put it in a petition and start gathering signatures. It doesn’t matter how many are in your group or if it is only you, get busy collect those signatures from co-workers, people on the street, friends and family but gather them and then take them to your local or state representatives.

Have a Resolution ready, pass it around at the meeting, and get it voted on and passed. Now take it to your representatives and do it in force, show up with the group’s leadership and make it known you want action. Brian did and he videotaped it and posted it on YouTube.

Write Letters
Email is quick and simple but just remember the last time you went through your email account hitting the delete key. Simple to send, simple to delete. Now remember the last time you received an actual letter, a little more work but it gets a little more attention. Now just imagine if that was on your group’s letterhead, would the politician take a little more notice? Have a large group, well then make sure you point out the group’s size. Size does matter.

Brain just didn’t have a petition and a resolution against the NDAA and hope the County Council and State Legislature would pass it, he went further and sent a letter to his local Sheriff. Think about it, who is the highest Elected Law Enforcement official in America? It is not the Attorney General or the Director of the FBI; it is your local County Sheriff. Remember he also swore an Oath to defend and protect not only the US but also your State Constitution. Well, shouldn’t you make sure that he does exactly that? Maybe you can’t get your County Council or State Legislators or Governor to follow their Oath’s, but maybe your Sheriff will. Keep him informed about what laws you feel are unconstitutional and why and let him know you need, want and expect his help in blocking its enforcement.

Show up
Everyone love visitors, right? Guess it depends on what they want. When it comes to politicians, they crave the limelight, so let them have it. It’s time to make an appearance at their office, town hall or wherever they are, but again show up in force. Ones and twos don’t make a statement, again the bigger the group the better. Rallies are nice but actual face time with the official makes more of an impact.

Remember to always be respectful but be insistent, they are YOUR employees they are Public Servants. Remind them that they asked for your support on Election Day, well now you need their support to block unconstitutional laws and you expect their support. You need to hand them what you want done in an organized and thoughtful resolution or bill backed by your group.

Need Help
Don’t know how to write a Resolution or Bill well there are plenty of groups out there that do and have them just waiting for you to use, here are a couple.

The Tenth Amendment Centers Model Legislation Page
Tenth Amendments Centers Legislative Tracking Page

The Oath Keepers with The Intolerable Acts have state and many county Resolutions ready to go on the NDAA.

The bottom line is that belonging to a group is fine but what action you personally or as a group do is what will make the difference. You will have far more control and influence over your local and state political leaders than you will ever have over who represents you in Washington. Why waste time and energy trying to get the politicians at the federal level who created the problems to fix the problems, they will usually only make things worse.

Want an unconstitutional law repealed well do it the way our founders expected it to be done, nullify it at the state level! The answer is as close as your state house when they use the Tenth Amendment. But you may need to remind them that you are keeping the Pitchforks and Torches handy.

If complaining and voting is all you do then you have not done enough; it is time to make a stand!
These are the times that try men’s souls: The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of his country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. – Thomas Paine

William Kennedy