“The peace president bombs countries around the world, the drug war rages on, the patriot act exists, the Fed prints and prints and prints. Bailouts, mandates, and regulations – they never seem to end. When Government doesn’t follow the rules given to it, what do you do about it? Well, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison both warned us that if the Federal Government ever became the sole, exclusive arbiter in the extent of it’s own powers – that power would always grow. Jefferson wrote, ‘A Nullification of the act is the rightful remedy whenever the Federal Gov. violates the constitution.’” – Michael Boldin, Executive Director, TAC

If Nullification is the rightful remedy against Big Government gone wild, then certainly Nullification: The Rightful Remedy Documentary is just what the doctor ordered for ignorance and false information. Written and Directed by Jason Rink (Foundation for a Free Society), the DVD comes in at 72 minutes (1 hour and 12 minutes), and is absolutely stuffed to the brim with a diverse range of issues and personalities involved in the Tenth Amendment / Nullification movement. But not only that, it’s like taking the excitement and energy of a full-blown Nullify Now! Event, and putting it into a package your living room can handle!

With the DVD package design prominently featuring Thomas Jefferson on the front, and a diverse crowd of “Tenthers” on the back, the professional appearance of this documentary will surely entice a friend or community leader into checking it out. Additionally, the audio and video quality of the production itself is very good, with the likes of Jordan Page and his song Message of Freedom serving as a perfect fit for this crucial discussion.  

And while the DVD is best intended for being viewed in it’s entirety – specifically for those who may know little about the Tenth Amendment and Nullification issues – it has a chapter feature for classroom settings, or for emphasizing certain sections to a viewing audience.

Nullification’s first fifteen minutes begins with a brief overview of the Tenth Amendment Center, it’s mission, and the various attacks it has received from the likes of Rachel Maddow, and the Southern Poverty Law Center. Tom Woods, Missouri Senator Lembke, and Missouri Representative Curtman are some of the first speakers we hear from in this “intro”, and they help us understand what’s at stake for our people.

The second section covers the History of Nullification, and is about a half hour long. Delving into discussions on the Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions of 1798, the rescue of Joshua Glover, and the abuses of federal law and the Supreme Court, speakers like Kevin Gutzman are applauded for helping deliver this information in an easy-to-understand way.

The third main section deals with the rising awareness of Nullification, and it’s usefulness in keeping Big Government – for the time – at bay. A number of liberty-activists and leadership speak on everything from Marijuana nullification, to Ohio voting to Nullify Obamacare, the Real ID Act of 2005, Firearms Freedom Act, and Kentucky threatening to boot the Federal EPA.

As Tom Woods points out in the end of the Documentary, Lord Byron once stated that, “Who would be free, themselves must strike the blow”. Because you see, with our freedom in jeopardy, and our communities and their ideals under attack – it’s time to stop playing around, and get to work in the defense of liberty and truth! And while there’s a lot of ways for us to go about doing just that – one of the best I can think of is through getting Nullification: A Rightful Remedy into the hands of your leadership.

Nullification features: Eddie Allen, International Currency Director; Jim Babka, President, Downsize DC; Robert Scott Bell, Homeopathic Practitioner; Michael Boldin, Executive Director at the Tenth Amendment Center; Paul Curtman, Missouri State Representative; Charles Goyette, Radio Host and Author, The Dollar Meltdown; Kevin Gutzman, Author: James Madison and the Making of America; Jim Lembke, Missouri State Senator; Chris Littleton, Ohioans for Healthcare Freedom; Richard Mack, Author: The County Sheriff: America’s Last Hope; Mike Maharrey, Communications Director at TAC; Debra Medina, Founder WeTexans.com; Stewart Rhodes, Founder and President of Oath Keepers; Jason Rink, Executive Director, Foundation for a Free Society; Art Thompson, Chief Executive Officer of The John Birch Society; Thomas E. Woods, Jr., Author of Nullification

To order, please see: http://www.tenthamendmentcenter.com/movie

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