If you are wondering exactly how to get involved in pushing back against Obamacare and Health Exchanges in Oklahoma, read this PDF flier.

Specifically you can:

  1.  Contact your legislators and have them sign the letter on page two of the PDF, then send their responses to us
  2.  Support Nullification through Mike Ritze’s bill, as well as demanding that Oklahoma does not enforce any provision of Obamacare, or the surrounding legislation contained within the stimulus bill
  3. Join the Oklahoma Tenth Amendment Center, or one of the grass-roots groups on the flier.  We will help educate you on how to communicate with and lobby your legislators (it doesn’t take as much time as you think!)
  4. Starve the beast! Immediately stop contrubting money and time to all parties, organizations, and candidates that are not serving your best interests
  5. Share this information and PDF with your friends and family so they can be informed

Remember, now is the #TimeToStand and #PushBack!

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