Short version: Sign here! to tell Governor Corbett not to implement the PPACA health care exchange in Pennsylvania.  If Washington wants it, let Washington do it.  For more information, the e-mail which came in from Americans for Prosperity of Pennsylvania is below.

If the Left thinks we freedom fighters are going to be upset, angry or defeated by yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling…they need to think again.

Last night we had two incredibly successful “Hands Off My Healthcare: The Reckoning” Townhall events here in Pennsylvania and it’s all thanks to you!

It was standing room only at the “Hands Off” events in Harrisburg and Philadelphia last night.  Nearly 200 great activists showed up to show that the fight for freedom is far from over! It was a proud moment to stand with all of you in solidarity.

Just outside of Philadelphia in Washington Crossing, more than 100 of you signed a petition to send to Congress demanding a FULL REPEAL of the President’s healthcare law! We know this is just ONE BATTLE in the long and epic fight for freedom.

We were joined by the Big Talker’s 1210am radio host Chris Stigall, The Commonwealth Foundation’s Dawn Melling and Dr. Richard Leshner, Chief of Medical Staff at Saint Mary’s Hospital.

At the Harrisburg event, our Director of New Media, Katy Abram was joined by economist Col. Frank Ryan, Leo Knepper from Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania and Nathan Benefield from The Commonwealth Foundation.  Nearly 100 of our great activists took petitions to have our legislators sign a pledge promising NOT to implement the President’s healthcare exchanges.

Click here to see more photos from our Philadelphia and Harrisburg events! 

If there’s one thing you and other activists made clear, now is NOT the time for recriminations or court bashing. NOW, is the time to act!

Even if you weren’t able to come to one of our townhalls, you can still take action! Please sign this action alert to tell Governor Corbett we DO NOT want the exchanges implemented in our state and he must STAND STRONG like Governors in Florida, Wisconsin, New Jersey and Ohio.

Please sign the action alert now!

Also, please check out our new ad, airing today in Pennsylvania and across the nation. Be sure to sign the petition to Congress and send the ad to your friends!

The exchanges will have a devastating effect on businesses both small and large in Pennsylvania. It will bankrupt our state and leave us holding the bag on a law most Pennsylvanians opposed.

Tell Governor Corbett that if the President wants the law, let the President come in and set it up (which is perfectly legal and well within the confines of Obamacare).

Tell the Governor now it will be a MORAL FAILURE OF LEADERSHIP if he tries to enact any law that would make Pennsylvania responsible for this exchange!

And be sure to watch our new ad, send it to your friends, and sign the petition to Congress!

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication over the last four years. You have done amazing things and achieved so much. Now let’s keep the fight going!  Onward to victory!

In Liberty and Solidarity,

Jennifer Stefano
State Director
Americans for Prosperity
PS – If you missed these last two events, don’t worry! We’ll be hosting more “Hands Off: The Reckoning” across Pennsylvania throughout the month of July!

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