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I often hear politically active people express frustration at the general level of apathy in America. In particular, they lament the difficulty in getting their fellow citizens up off the couch and out from in front of the television.

They speak the truth.

We live in a visual society, and Americans love their TV. I don’t think we stand much of a chance of changing that any time soon.

So, how about instead of getting all worked up because people won’t come out and hear the message, we just take it to them – right where they sit – on their couches in front of the old boob-tube!

The recent Supreme Court opinion declaring the insurance mandate in the federal health care bill constitutional immediately thrust the principle of state nullification into mainstream discussion. James Madison called state interposition a duty, and Thomas Jefferson called it the rightful remedy when the federal government exercises powers not delegated. But most Americans have no idea what the word even means in a political sense, much less do they understand the history and philosophical principles behind it. They won’t likely take the time to read a 200 page book on the subject. They probably aren’t going to seek out the Tenth Amendment Center website and educate themselves. But they just might sit down and watch a relatively short, entertaining, visually interesting video.

Especially if you make it available to them!

The Tenth Amendment Center, in partnership with the Foundation for a Free Society, produced Nullification: The Rightful Remedy, an explosive, information-packed documentary film. It provides every American with the tools necessary to stand up for the Constitution and liberty, whether the federal government gives them “permission” to or not.

The film explores the history of state nullification, its constitutional legitimacy, and how states can use nullification to push back against the encroachment of federal power. And it features some of the nation’s top thinkers and activists including: Thomas E. Woods, Jr., Sheriff Richard Mack, Kevin Gutzman, Michael Boldin, Stewart Rhodes, Debra Medina, Charles Goyette and many others.

Nullification: The Rightful Remedy is the most comprehensive documentary on the subject of the Tenth Amendment and nullification, the long-forgotten tool that Jefferson considered our best defense against the Federal Government’s unconstitutional usurpation of power,” film producer Jason Rink said.

But don’t think you will sit and watch a boring montage of speakers droning on and on about some obscure political minutia. Rink spent nearly a year traveling to Nullify Now! events across the country. Then he wove together speeches and interviews with cool music and visually interesting effects. The film moves at a fast clip and definitely holds your attention. It can even engage antsy teenagers! In fact, my two 14-year-old daughters and my 12-year-old son watched the entire film and admitted they enjoyed it. (Without any coercion or badgering I might add. They genuinely like the move!)

Here is where you come in. We want to get this movie into the hands of as many people as possible. First, buy a copy for yourself and show it to your friends and family. Then think about buying one more copy and passing it along to a friend or coworker. Not only will it get some very important information out at a critical time, it will help support the continued work of the Tenth Amendment Center.

Now here’s where you can really have an impact…

We would love to get this video into the hands of every state representative and senator in the United States. If you are part of a politically active organization, will you consider buying enough copies for your state’s legislators? Perhaps your group could partner with other organizations in your state. And we’ll help you out with a bulk rate discount.

Imagine getting information on nullification to every state lawmaker in America in a way that they can easily digest in a short amount of time – just over 70 minutes. Even if only half watched it and half of those bought into the principles – it would revolutionize politics in America.

We won’t find the solutions to America’s problems in Washington D.C. Washington D.C. IS the problem. The Supreme Court health care decision should prove once and for all that agents of the federal government look out for their own – not you and me. The feds will never limit their own power. It falls to the states to force the federal government back into its proper role!

You will find ordering information for Nullification: The Rightful Remedy HERE.

Mike Maharrey