Turkey has a fighter plane shot down by a Syrian missile defense battery. Do you think that they will respond with military force? Do you wonder if anyone in our central government said that they wished it was one of our F4 Phantoms that was fired upon?

Syria, much like Libya before it, is in a civil war. There is a large group of people tired of the oppression of their ruling government and they are killing each other.

We had a President once who thought he knew better and went to war to prevent a bunch of states from withdrawing from the union of states that they had previously sought to join as members.

No country decided who was right and who was wrong and sent troops over here to fight on a side; did they? Is it our place to decide who is right and who is wrong in Libya, or Syria?

Let us say our country arrives at a point where we find ourselves in a civil war.

Say the people of a number of states tire of the tyranny of the central government. They refuse to be threatened with indefinite detention without trial or evidence.

They refuse to live with drones able to conduct 24 hour surveillance without any warrant. No more will they submit to bodily searches by uniformed thugs before they travel or having their mail, phone calls and Internet activities monitored.

A number of states decide that they cannot realistically expect their citizens to be able to pay their state, property and sales taxes needed to maintain the state as well as pay federal taxes for the central govt. to fund programs that support the schooling, food, housing and utility assistance of those who pay no taxes.

These people have decided that they no longer will be told what to eat or drink. They want to decide for themselves how much water to use in the shower and how much water is required to properly clean and flush their toilets. They want to decide for themselves what kind of light bulb to use.

These sovereign citizens grow tired of having to have their vegetables checked by the central government, their meat stamped and their milk illegal to drink fresh.

They no longer want to be restricted from drilling or digging for their own sources of energy. They tire of fields laying fallow because they cannot tap a supply of water that has been designated as US Property.

They grow sick of having no control over the curriculum in a central government run school system that has their children learning less and less every year for more and more money.

They feel that they have the right to ban sharia law in their courtrooms and to allow their citizens to decide if gay marriage should be recognized or not. These people want to decide for themselves if special rights should be allowed to transgendered people or not.

They want the right to raise their children with the religious teachings of their choice.

They feel they should be able to control their own borders and kick those out who break the law entering their state instead of taxing their people to pay for their health care, schooling and social benefits.

They are tired of sending their children to other countries to be the police and fight to force democracy on a people who don’t want it. They would much rather just defend themselves.

They feel their children should learn a second language only if they want to, not because they have to.

So, these people decide to secede from the union that they once asked to join. They feel that the central government has overstepped the authority that it was specifically granted.

Now, I know that this is an unlikely scenario; but do you think China and Russia should send their military assets and troops over here to fight?

On which side?

Do you really think we have any right or responsibility to get involved in Syria?

The 10th Amendment

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”



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