“Somebody ought to do something!”

“I’m tired of shouting at my TV but what am I to do? Write a letter? Send an email? A fax? What for?  “They” don’t care about us and they’re not listening!”

“What are we supposed to do?”

Sound familiar? Well, Patriots, there’s not one thing you can do—there are actually three options to choose from—as a 21st century Patriot you can exercise one, two or all three at the same time!

Imagine, if you will, a trident—a long three pronged spear commonly associated with the classical god of the sea—Neptune(or Poseidon). The first prong is “educate,” the middle—“advocate,” the third—“participate.” The trident is the Patriots’ best weapon in the fight to save our republic from those hell bent on shredding the Constitution and replacing it with a “living” document. Here’s how.

Educate—First, start with educating yourself. Have you read the Declaration of Independence? The Constitution? How about the Bill of Rights? Remember them from civics class? Oh, that’s right; civics class has long since vanished from the majority of our schools. Only old guys like me remember learning about local, state and federal government and how they are supposed to work together; laws—and how they are to be created, argued and passed and how those laws are supposed to be interpreted, enforced and by whom.

Feeling comfortable with your knowledge of basic civics? What about political ideology? Is a democracy the same as a republic? What does “left” mean? What about “right?” What’s the difference between “Progressives” and “Populists?” Are they diametrically opposed or kissing cousins? Is the FED (Federal Reserve Bank) the “fourth branch” of our government as they think they are, or are they a collusion of key banks whose primary mission is dictating financial policy to financial institutions throughout the country? What is a republican form of government? (No, it does not refer to George W. Bush and the previous administration.) Who and what are Progressives? (No, they are not interested in “progress” unless you subscribe to their definition and are willing to fund “progress” in the form of increased taxes.) Are Populists the most “popular” people in politics?

Yes, these questions are silly but do you know the correct answers? Furthermore, can you explain them to your spouse, your children, your neighbors and friends and, if so, what are you going to do with this knowledge?

Advocate—So you think you understand the differences and similarities between republicans and democrats, Marx and Jefferson, Machiavelli and Locke? Great! Now, go forth and argue your cause! Don’t cry out alone in the darkness. Mobilize your independent spirit and energize your first amendment right of free speech and peaceful assembly.

Participate—It’s time YOU get off your fanny, get on your feet and get involved! Become politically active. Join the Tenth Amendment Center chapter in your state, local tea party group, Oath Keepers or one of a dozen politically active groups growing in strength and stature throughout Texas and the republic. Don’t stand down waiting for someone else to do something. YOU set the leadership pace, YOU take the point and others will follow. Be the one others look to for leadership and guidance (not just another silent couch potato content to accept the scraps of injustice thrown to us by our employees—our state and federal representatives and senators).

NOW, PATRIOTS, RIGHT NOW—stand up, wield your “trident” and move out! The survival of Texas and the republic depends upon YOU!

Steve Baysinger
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