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Michael Boldin and Lesley Swann charge into action with Tenther Radio Episode 61!

During the news segment, Lesley brought to our attention a column posted in a Tennessee newspaper written by Ina Hughs claiming our rights don’t come from God but from the state.

Next, our heroes discussed the weed issue in Colorado.  Michael illustrated this point by saying, “Medical Marijuana on the state level is probably the greatest example today in modern times of the Tenth Amendment in action where people in their own states are making decisions on what they want to do even though Congress, the Supreme Court, and the Executive Branch all say they are not allowed to do it.”

Also, Governor Candidate Mike Pence was discussed because of a Youtube video he posted which takes a Pro-Tenth Amendment stance.

Following the break, our special guest, Eddie Free (Cool name for a liberty activist!) joined Lesley and Michael to discuss his efforts on Raw Milk and Lemon Aid Stands.

Eddie explained the importance to be able to have the freedom of choice to freely consume what we desire.  He stated, “The deeper issue is the right to freedom of our bodies.  And the right to put into our bodies what we feel is appropriate as long it is not harming anyone else, we have the right to do these things.”

Eddie later explained about the importance of exposing the tyrannical government in their efforts to shut down children’s lemon aid stands.  He said, “By exposing it, and showing the violence of the state.  The government has one trick up its sleeve:  The use of force.  Each law that is written is a threat.  It is a gun pointed at your head.  So to bring up the absurdity, of men with guns and badges cracking down on children with lemon aid stands and exposing that just shows that much more of the absurdity and violence that is the state.”

During the discussion, the concept of the non-aggression principle and how it can be applied to anything.  Eddie elaborated, “Even the sex industry.  As long as consenting adults are not harming one another it is not in the government’s business what’s in my pants!”

Michael later brought in John Lambert for listener feedback.  They discussed various issues: Cooper vs Aaron, Rand Paul’s right to work law proposal, The Original Constitution as an audi book, and how to get involved with nullification in your state.

Michael finished the show ranting about Obama’s criticism of the Russian Judicial System

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The Tenther Radio Team for this Week
Michael Boldin, Lesley Swann, John Lambert

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