DELAWARE, Ohio – An Ohio organization pushing for energy independence embraces the powers of the state under the Tenth Amendment as an important part of its plan.

The Coalition of Freedom, based in Delaware, Ohio, advocates for adoption of an energy source know as Thorium.

“The most fascinating and practical of all these energy technologies are LFTR reactors. LFTR reactors use the plentiful and cheap Thorium element in an inherently safe type of nuclear reactor that was developed in the late 1960s. It is a safe and proven technology that countries like China and India are racing to commercialize,” Coalition of Freedom president Jim Flaugher said.

But he says development of Thorium energy technology faces a huge hurdle. Federal regulations make Thorium based energy solutions difficult to develop.

“Energy policy and initiatives that originate from the federal government, including the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) have had a near disastrous effect on our country’s energy future. The seemingly endless unconstitutional federal mandates have severely restricted our country’s ability to produce and provide our own energy needs.”

Since the Constitution does not delegate the federal government authority to regulate energy development within a state, it should remain a role of state government under the Tenth Amendment. Flaugher says energy independence will depend on states asserting their sovereign authority and taking control of their own energy policies.

“With state sovereignty, the states will no longer need to comply with unconstitutional federal laws and mandates, or burdensome and overreaching restrictions of the EPA or NRC. The states will be able to explore and develop their own natural resources without unlawful federal interference. The states will once again control their own destiny,” he said.

As part of its plan, COF will push for a ballot initiative to amend the Ohio Constitution to affirm the state’s sovereignty under the Tenth Amendment and create a mechanism for nullification of unconstitutional acts.

Any law, rule, regulation, or mandate which is not compliant to the Ohio Constitution or the Constitution of the United States of America shall be deemed unconstitutional, null and void and without legal force or effect within Ohio.

The Amendment also sets up a process for nullifying unconstitutional acts.

The Governor and Attorney General, collectively have the authority to form a Constitutional Review Committee and to vest this committee with the power to compel the Supreme Court of Ohio for said decisions. All Ohio Citizens shall have legal standing in all Ohio courts and jurisdictions to challenge the constitutionality of any Ohio law, federal Law, and all government imposed rules, regulations, and mandates that directly affect them on the behalf of all Ohio Citizens. The Supreme Court of Ohio shall provide a process for such challenges which demonstrate viable Constitutional merit.

Flaugher says the organization has collected enough signatures to submit the proposed amendment to the Ohio Secretary of State. If the office approves the wording, COF will begin collecting the more than 300,000 signatures necessary to get the amendment on the ballot.

The COF president says he thinks the organization’s plan for Ohio can serve as a template for other states.

“The Coalition of Freedom has developed the Freedom Plan – an energy independence initiative that unites the states in a comprehensive national strategy aimed at making America energy independent within 10 years.  America has enough energy resources to pay off all unfunded liabilities and our $16 trillion national debt in about three to four years once LFTR is developed,” he said.

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Mike Maharrey