Stopping the health care exchanges is the first step in our Nullify Obamacare road-map.  In its June ruling, even the supreme court agreed that our state cannot be compelled to implement the health care exchanges.

Here’s a short video explaining why the states should refuse to create health care exchanges, from Michael Canon, with the Cato Institute:

Washington is never going to fix Washington, but Harrisburg and 49 other state capitals can do it.  AFP-PA gets that, at least on this issue.  They sent the message below this morning.  Please sign our petition (also in the widget at the top-right of this page, below the menu bar) to Nullify the PPACA and consider attending AFP-PA’s rally on October 2.

It’s time.

It’s time to tell our State legislators and Governor Corbett that we do not want the federal government interfering in our healthcare decisions and having bureaucrats come between our relationships with our doctor.

It’s time for WE THE PEOPLE to head to Harrisburg.

Click here now to sign up for a bus to the “Hands Off My Healthcare Rally”.

Our massive rally at the Capitol will be the first of its kind to fight back against the health care exchanges and your voice is needed. Here are the details (click here to sign up now):

WHEN: Tuesday, October 2nd
TIME: 10am (promptly)
WHERE: The Capitol Rotunda, Harrisburg

We have buses leaving from every corner of the state.  Click here to find one near you and join this incredible event!

We are heading to Harrisburg to meet with our legislators and explain to them the enormous dangers of the President’s Healthcare Law and what will happen to our state and, even worse, to our healthcare, if the state sets up one of these exchanges!

The President’s Healthcare law is about control: Controlling us, our healthcare, our doctors….

What you and I are demanding is CHOICE. The CHOICE to make our own healthcare decisions without interference from presidents, politicians and bureaucrats. That’s why we must head to Harrisburg with the message: “HANDS OFF MY HEALTHCARE! STOP THE EXCHANGES NOW!”

Click here to find a bus pickup point near you and sign up now for the “Hands Off My Healthcare” Rally!

*Stay tuned for special guest speakers…

In Liberty and Solidarity,

Jennifer Stefano
State Director
Americans for Prosperity-Pennsylvania Chapter


Steve Palmer

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