September is here, and you know what that means.  We are, once again, just under two months away from the most crucial presidential election in our history…you know, just like we were four years ago.  And we buy what they sell us every time.  Republicans and Democrats alike are telling us how disastrous things will be if the other guy wins in November and occupies/continues to occupy 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC come January 20, 2013.  To quote Yoda, “You must unlearn what you have learned.”

We in the Tenther movement, and in the liberty movement in New Jersey in general, have a lot to learn.  The core representatives in the New Jersey TAC are no exception.  We have admitted it among ourselves, and we admit it to our members and other groups in general.  We’re a smart crew (at least Brenda and Peter are), but we have a lot to learn about organizing.

In many ways this learning process must involve reaching out to other groups that know more than we do, especially if they are on the same page or at least the same chapter of the book as we are concerning liberty.  One group very familiar with that book is Ron Paul supporters.  While Dr. Paul ran for federal office, and while he didn’t win, his supporters at the state and local levels showed they learned a lot since 2008.  From navigating the local machines to fundraising, we need people like that to help the Tenther movement grow.

Ron Paul’s supporters would be a natural demographic to turn to in order to promote Nullification.  Ron Paul himself spoke out in support of Nullification during the Republican primary season.  After November has passed, Gary Johnson and Virgil Goode supporters will be important to contact.  Johnson has also encouraged Nullification, and the Constitution Party platform includes it as well, though not actually using the word.

Tea Party groups are largely focused on the showdown between Obama and Romney, as well as the Congressional seats until the election.  This is unfortunate, as there had appeared to be some Nullification advocates popping up in their ranks.  Keep reaching out to them.  There are bound to be some who will be disappointed no matter which way the election goes, and who will realize true change will not come from the President, and certainly not from the Congress.

One of the major activities all state chapters of the Tenth Amendment Center have been working on for months is the push to nullify ObamaCare.  New Jersey is one of several that have reached over one hundred signatures.  We reached it the same day as our neighbors in the Pennsylvania Tenth Amendment Center, who put out a friendly challenge to see who could reach two hundred first.  As I write, they currently hold a slight lead at 122 to 113.  Share the petition in emails, your Facebook Walls, your Twitter feeds, YouTube channels, at gatherings and with your own families.  Worse than having Pennsylvania beat us would be having Pennsylvania Avenue win because we didn’t try.

By this time last year, there was already talk of who would be running this year.  Next year, New Jersey has gubernatorial and state legislative elections, not to mention county and municipal elections.  It couldn’t hurt to start looking for candidates for those positions now.  Those are the elections that will be crucial if we want more than one of the weaker medical marijuana laws of any state and a sports betting measure as our contributions to the Nullification movement.  Even if potential candidates are not mentioned, people who are considering running need to hear from us.

There is a lot of homework to do, and none of us are exempt.  There is no shortage of work to be done, but we need people to put in the time.  If your strong point is activism, start rallying the people.  If you are an excellent writer, get the message out through letters to the editor in local papers and websites…and we will never turn down a good blogger for our site.  If you have contacts in office, if you are great at organizing, whatever the case, make use of it.  If you are unsure but want to do something, go to our volunteer page or ask on our Facebook page.

We need your help.  Whatever happens in November, Tenthers in New Jersey will need to be active, knowledgeable and organized.

Benjamin W. Mankowski, Sr.

The 10th Amendment

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”



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