In an election year such as this, there is a sense in the air that the 2012 elections could be the most important ever.  However, it is not for the reasons the Republican and Democratic establishments like to tell us.  Whether Obama is reelected or Romney successfully makes him a one term President, whether current majorities in the House and Senate remain, one chamber changes parties, or they reverse, the way of DC will remain the same.  Authoritarian, top-down rule will be the name of the game.

So why is this year so important?  Why shouldn’t we miss the debates?  Because I’m not talking about the Presidential debates, even the third party ones that allow some discussion outside the “acceptable spectrum” as Tom Woods has called it.  We also have local debates and elections.  County and municipal elections will be occurring throughout New Jersey, and we need a major change, starting as locally as possible.

I personally will be attending the South Plainfield Borough Council debates.  With two Council seats open, and six candidates vying for the seats (two Republicans, two Democrats and two Independents), they will have a lot to say to attempt to gain voter confidence at a time when there is little at the national level.  Hopefully, there will be an opportunity for people in the audience to ask questions, and a certain SP resident who hates speaking publicly will get the chance to confront that fear once again and ask the candidates their feelings about introducing the Liberty Restoration Act at the municipal level.

One person can’t cover every town or county, and different approaches may work for other people, but if your county or municipality has not had its debates yet, hopefully you can follow up on your local candidates.  Even if it makes no difference to this year’s crop of candidates, your neighbors will get what could be their first earful about nullification, interposition and even the Constitution.  It’s a long way from here to restoring the Constitution, and this may be one of those times when if we want to walk the walk, we need to be ready to talk the talk.

Let’s get talking!

Benjamin W. Mankowski, Sr.

The 10th Amendment

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”



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