via People Against the NDAA (PANDA)

If you live in Michigan, Florida, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania or Wisconsin, or know someone who does, you need to call your State Representatives and Senators NOW.

We especially want to contact the Speaker and Minority Leader of each House and Senate. Contact information below. Let’s take back our freedom!

Instructions for Each State Below

In Michigan, there is a bill on the Senate Floor in the next few days that could stop the NDAA:

Call your Michigan Senators NOW:

In Ohio, Representative Anthony DeVitis is reviewing our legislation, call to urge him to go forward and call all other Ohio Representatives and Senators:

Representative DeVitis:

(614) 466-1790



In Oklahoma, Senator Greg Treat is looking at our legislation, call to urge him to go forward and call all other Oklahoma Representatives and Senators:

Senator Treat:

(405) 521-5632



In Pennsylvania, Representative Rick Mirabito has agreed to introduce a bill against the NDAA, call to support him and call all other Pennsylvania Representatives and Senators:

Rep. Rick Mirabito:

(717) 772-1314



In Wisconsin, State Senator Glenn Grothman’s is reviewing our legislation, call to urge him to go forward and call all other Wisconsin Representatives and Senators:

Sen. Glenn Grothman:

(608) 266-7513



In Florida and Oregon, we have brought the idea of stopping the NDAA to several State Legislators, but they are reluctant. Contact your State Representatives and Senators and urge them to support resolutions to stop the NDAA:

Florida Representatives:

Florida Senators:

Oregon Representatives:

Oregon Senators: 

If you live in any other state, contact your State Legislator and ask them to introduce a PANDA resolution to stop the NDAA! We have just over a year left to stop this attack on our liberty.

The clock is ticking….

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