TALLAHASSEE, Fl. (Dec. 14, 2012) – The list continues to grow.

On Friday, Florida Governor Rick Scott announced that his state will not create a state-run health insurance exchange under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Scott, like many other republican governors rejecting exchanges, cited a lack of answers from the federal government to questions involving the costs, impacts and flexibility of the state-run exchanges.

“At this time we do not have sufficient information on the cost of implementing a state health care exchange to Florida taxpayers, Florida businesses or Florida health insurance purchasers,” said Jackie Schutz, the governor’s spokeswoman.

The Governor’s office did leave the door open to future cooperation. “We are looking forward to getting more information from HHS and the president,” said Schutz.

Tenth Amendment Center Communications director Mike Maharrey weighed in on the fact that Scott and other governors have been making their decisions based on practical concerns, and not the Constitution.

“I would much rather see these guys take a principled, constitutional stand against Obamacare. It’s not hard. Clearly the Constitution contains no enumerated power giving the feds the authority to run a health care system for the entire United States,” he said. “But when it’s all said and done, doing the right thing for wishy-washy reasons still means the right thing gets done. Nearly half of the states refusing to set up these exchanges creates a real problem for the feds. This isn’t how the PPACA was supposed to work. This is not how they planned on this going down. Now it’s time for states to get more active in blocking implementation of this unconstitutional monstrosity. I believe the states have the power to halt it in its tracks.”

According to statehealthfacts.org, Florida brings the number of states refusing to set up an exchange to 24. Six states say they will enter into a state-federal partnership with 19 states (including Washington D.C.) opting to go along with the PPACA program and set up state-run exchanges.



1. Reject Exchanges – state legislation to block the implementation of state exchanges, even if your governor has moved forward with them.

2. Model PPACA nullification legislation, click HERE.

To track health care nullification efforts across the U.S., click HERE.

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