In the State of Indiana, Senate Bill 230 (SB0230) would nullify Obamacare within the state and make it a felony to try to implement it in Indiana. A section from this bill reads:

“A person who knowingly or intentionally implements or enforces a federal law, or attempts to implement or enforce a federal law, that is declared void under section 2 of this chapter commits a Class D felony.” (you can learn more about the bill at this link)

SB0230 has strong support in both the Senate and House, and is ready to pass. Except State Senator David Long has made up his mind to side with the Obama administration and is blocking this bill from being even discussed in committee.

The bill sits at the ready, in the Committee on Rules and Legislative Procedure, where State Senator David Long sits as chair. With this power, Long personally gets to decide whether or not the bill gets to be discussed or voted on by the committee, whether there will be public testimony, and the like. DAVID LONG IS PERSONALLY BLOCKING THIS BILL FROM MOVING THROUGH THE PROCESS.

By his lack of action on this extremely important piece of legislation, he’s shown his true colors and is telling the People of Indiana, “I am David Long. As your State Senator, I will not even allow a vote on rejecting Obamacare in this State.”

You might expect that from a member of Barack Obama’s party. But from the Senate President, an Indiana Republican? At VERY LEAST, David should be allowing the bill a hearing and a vote. If representatives of the People reject it, that’s another story. But for one man to block a popular bill because he either doesn’t want to put his neck out and oppose DC, or is on Obama’s side – is unacceptable.

The time for weak half-measures in this country is over. The time to act strongly for the Constitution – is now.


1. Call David Long. Let him know you will NOT stand for him siding with the Obama administration. Don’t call him names, other than David or Senator, or Mr Long. But, let him know that blocking this bill from a hearing and a vote IS THE SAME as siding with Barack Obama and you will not stand for it.

Phone # 800-382-9467 or 317-232-9400
Also, call the number listed for his home district and campaign: 260-436-7100 (this appears to be a local business as well, doing double-duty as his district contact information per project vote smart)

His Ft Wayne Address, per project vote smart
2919 Covington Hollow Trail
Fort Wayne, IN 46804

2. Call him again. Call him on all numbers. call him on the weekend and call him at home. Let him know you will not relent until he does.

3. Ask everyone you know to do the same.

4. Join the Nullify Obamacare Indiana group on facebook and let everyone know how things go with your calls

The 10th Amendment

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