After what seemed like endless negotiations, empty rhetoric and so on, it appears the House and Senate have managed to kick the can further down the road.  For those familiar with the euphemism if not the reality, that means they have “avoided the fiscal cliff” for the time being.  And there was much rejoicing…yay!  This did not occur, however, before tempers flared in the White House lobby.

Yesterday, according to the Huffington Post, House Speaker John Boehner approached Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and told him to perform an act with himself our basic biology courses used to tell us required two people to complete.  When Reid asked Boehner what he was talking about, Boehner repeated said instructions.

Some people maybe offended by the Speaker’s choice of words, while others may applaud them.  Others still may appreciate the sentiment, but see a lack of action to back it up.  After all, Reid got what he wanted, a bill that raises taxes, does nothing about rampant spending, and does even less about the oversized, overreaching assortment of unconstitutional federal agencies designed to bully the States and the People into submission.  These will continue to grow, claiming more power today than yesterday, but less than tomorrow.  Yes, John Boehner’s words to Harry Reid may sound tough, but there is no substance to them.  If only there were someone or a group of people who regularly said those words and meant them.  Oh, but there is.

Founded in 2005, the Tenth Amendment Center this year will celebrate eight years of telling the Feds to go delete an expletive with itself.  Our founder Michael Boldin has spent years spreading the word about what Presidents, be they Obama or Bush, House Speakers, whether Pelosi or Boehner, Senate Majority Leaders, regardless of whether they go by Reid or McConnell, as well as nameless, faceless bureaucrats, what they can do with their statist, anti-constitutional so-called laws.  Every time a Governor, State Legislature, county or municipal government or general populace of a state nullifies an unconstitutional federal act, every time they refuse to implement unjust policies past and present, they are heeding the call of the Tenther and saying, “We don’t need no stinkin’ permission to exercise our rights.”

So this year, when Congress wants to push for implementation of the ObamaCare exchanges, or tell us we really, really need to implement REAL ID this time, or crack down on marijuana, or the People have to give up their guns, we know what to tell our state and local officials to tell them.  It’s what the Tenthers have been saying all along, and thanks to our illustrious Speaker of the House, we have another…interesting way of saying it.

Benjamin W. Mankowski, Sr.