Michigan legislators, perhaps inspired by the interrupted drive to nullify NDAA indefinite detention in the Wolverine State during the last legislative session, have now introduced a bill in the  Senate to protect Michiganians’ natural and inherent right to be armed for self-defense.

Senators Pavlov, Jones, Green, Casperson, Meekhof, Proos, Jansen, Brandenderg, Hildenbrand, Nofs, Colbeck, Emmons and Marleau introduced SB0063, which would protect firearms made and remaining in Michigan from unconstitutional federal regulation. SB0063 was referred to the Committee on Judiciary, chaired by Senator Jones.

The bill specifically prohibits federal interference with intra-state commerce with a few exceptions

 (a) A firearm that cannot be carried and used by 1 person.  (b) A firearm that has a bore diameter greater than 1-1/2 inches and that uses smokeless powder, not black powder, as a propellant. (c) Ammunition with a projectile that explodes using an explosion of chemical energy after the projectile leaves the firearm. (d) A firearm that discharges 2 or more projectiles with1 activation of the trigger or other firing device.

The bill blocks federal overreach in two very important areas: the inalienable right of the people to be armed and the lack of Constitutional authority for D.C. to regulate, mandate or prohibit any form of commerce which begins and ends inside of one states’ boundaries.

While SB0063 does not protect the right to be armed for self – defense from unconstitutional federal interference (also a violation of the Second Amendment) in the case of arms manufactured outside the borders of Michigan, it does mark an important step in Michigan’s reclamation of the duty to protect the people against the depredations of a runaway general branch of our Federal Union. The bill also tells the feds to stay out of our intrastate business, and even makes specific reference to the Ninth and Tenth Amendments.

“There is much work yet to be done in order to establish the proper relationship between the people and their government in order to actually secure our natural, inherent rights which the state is duty-bound to protect. SB0063, while not as comprehensive and strong as it might be, is certainly a notable step in the right direction. The reemergence of our Constitutional Federal Union requires the states which formed that union through their compact (contract) now reign in their unruly offspring in Washington, D.C. Our state has played an interesting, and at times, leading role in this process throughout American history. We are doing that once again. That’s the way it should be, because to quote a great man : ‘This if Michigan, for God’s sake!’” Dennis Marburger with the Michigan Tenth Amendment Center said.

It appears that the work done to advance nullification of Obamacare and NDAA (as well as advancing knowledge of the Ninth and Tenth Amendments and the history of Federalism) in 2012 paid dividends in Michigan. The American reawakening is proceeding in our state as it is in others. As time goes on, the fight to rollback Leviathan will continue to gain momentum. Constitutional enforcement actions through state nullification and interposition will become broader and sharper as exceptions dwindle and criminal penalties for violators are included. The time for half-measures has passed and the peoples’ employees in this state will see that it is both the right thing and the popular thing to properly discharge their duty on our behalf against the DC’vers.


Track the status of similar Firearms Freedom Acts around the country HERE


In order to encourage speedy adoption of this legislation – and to encourage even stronger and broader defense of our rights – contact your Michigan State Representative, Senator and Governor Snyder.

Find Your Senator:            http://www.senate.michigan.gov/fysenator/fysenator.htm

Find Your Representative:  http://www.house.michigan.gov/MHRPublic/

Governor Snyders’ office:   http://www.michigan.gov/snyder/0,4668,7-277-57827-267869–,00.html