Washingtonians, like people in states around the country, are growing weary of the constant abuse of their liberties by the TSA. New legislation wasn introduced in the Washington State House this week regarding the freedom to travel without being subject to what the bill calls “an offense of official oppression by a public servant.”

HB 1454, introduced by representative Jason Overstreet, considers official oppression to cover the subjection of another person to mistreatment, arrest, or seizure that he/she knows is illegal; the intentional denial or impediment of another person’s powers and rights that he/she knows is illegal; and intentionally subjecting another person to harassment or sexual harassment.

“The conversation concerning the unconscionable and unconstitutional ‘grope and feel’ policies of the federal government in airport, bus, and train station security checkpoints around the country, is long overdue,” Overstreet said.  “It is unacceptable to allow ourselves, our sons, daughters and grandparents to be physically violated, in return for the opportunity to travel freely. Your elected officials swore oaths to protect you from unwarranted search and seizure–it’s time for them to step up to the plate and act.”

The act contains a list of various offenses committed without probable cause, such as the touching of sexual organs, the removal of minors from parents/guardians, intentionally causing offensive or provocative physical situations, all of which would fall under the “determination of whether to grant another person access to a public accessible venue or form of transportation, ” as well as harassment, coercion, intimidation, and threats to deny or condition access for the other person because of their refusal to comply with the above horrors.

HB 1454 makes an offense of official oppression by a public servant, a class C felony. It was introduced on January 28th, and has been sent to the Public Safety committee for a hearing.


If you would like to see model legislation to introduce in your state to nullify the TSA, please see The Tenth Amendment Center’s Model Legislation: The Travel Freedom Act.

Track the status of the Travel Freedom Act in states around the country HERE

ACTION ITEMS for Washington State

Join the Nullify TSA activists’ group on facebook here:

Washington residents, please contact the members of the Public Safety Committee. Let them know that you support this bill, and expect them to protect your civil liberties by doing the same.

Also, call your representatives and let them know that you want them to support this legislation when it comes to the floor.

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