Led by Tom Shaw, with co-sponsors Jason Schultz, Dwayne Alons, Ralph Watts, Greg Heartsill, Jake Highfill, Mark Brandenburg, and John Landon, the Iowa House gets its’ first look at HF 170.  Iowa joins a tsunami of other State’s in an effort to protect the 2nd Amendment Rights of Iowan’s.

HF 170 is not as potent as similar legislation in neighboring State’s, but it does make it very clear that these legislator’s believe the federal government is over-stepping the constraints placed on it by The Constitution.

 “An Act relating to firearms including the ownership and manufacture of firearms, firearm accessories, and ammunition..”

is a great start in that it utilizes the broadest definition with the language –  “firearm”.  Additionally it contains 3 other critical facets:

[1]  “A public servant in this state or a firearm dealer who sells a firearm in this state shall not enforce or attempt t0 to enforce any federal order….”

[2]  “An official, agent, or employee of the federal government who enforces or attempts to enforce any federal order, law, or regulation relating to firearms, firearm accessories, or ammunition owned or manufactured commercially or privately in this state and that remains exclusively within this state is guilty of a class “D” felony….”

[3]  “The attorney general may defend a citizen of this state who is prosecuted by the United States government…”

The Class D felony carries fines from $750 – $7,500 as well as confinements of no more than 5 years.  HF 170 was referred to the Judiciary Committee on February 7, 2013.

It’s not all ‘sunshine and lollipops‘ though as lobbyist’s Joe Kelly and Susan Cameron [Iowa Sheriff’s and Deputies Association] have already taken their stand ‘against’ HF 170.  Aaron Dorr, lobbyist for Iowa Gun Owners, has expressed his approval of this measure.

ACTION ITEMS for Iowan’s

Please contact these intrepid legislators by clicking here and let them know that you support their actions.  Joe Kelly and Susan Cameron didn’t waste any time putting in their ‘$3 dollar bill worth‘, and it is highly recommended that you act too – NOW.


If you would like to see model legislation to introduce in your state to nullify federal firearm laws, please see The Tenth Amendment Center’s Model Legislation: The 2nd Amendment Preservation Act.

Track the status of 2nd Amendment preservation legislation in states around the country HERE.

Tim Taylor

The 10th Amendment

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”



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