Ohio House Bill 91, The Health Care Freedom Act, is the bill to neuter Obamacare in Ohio.  But it may die in committee without your help!

Unlike the usual opposition, HB91 is supported by both the chairman and vice chairman. However the House majority leader, Representative Barbara Sears is standing in the way.  Not only is Barbara Sears the majority leader with some major pull, but she is a member of the Finance and Appropriations Committee and its subcommittee on Health and Human Services which can halt HB91. With this action, Barbara Sears is effectively helping the Obama administration force the mandate on you.

Without your help, HB91 may not even get a second hearing. The Tenth Amendment Center requests your immediate help to move HB91 towards passage.


1. Contact the Chairman on the Committee on Health and Aging. Please call and personally thank him for co-sponsoring HB91.  Let him know he has your support in bringing HB91 up for a committee hearing and YES vote.

Lynn Wachtmann (614) 466-3760

2. Contact the other Members of the Health and Aging Committee.  Strongly, but respectfully, let each of the committee members know that you want to see nothing less than a YES vote on HB91

Anne Gonzales (614) 466-4847
Nickie J. Antonio (614) 466-5921
John Barnes, Jr. (614) 466-1408
Heather Bishoff (614) 644-6002
Tim W. Brown (614) 466-8104
John Patrick Carney(614) 466-2473
Robert F. Hagan (614) 466-9435
Brian Hill (614) 644-6014
Ron Hood (614) 466-1464
Jay Hottinger (614) 466-1482
Terry Johnson (614) 466-2124
Matt Lynch (614) 644-5088
Ron Maag (614) 644-6023
Dale Mallory (614) 466-1645
Dan Ramos (614) 466-5141
Kirk Schuring (614) 752-2438
Barbara R. Sears (614) 466-1731
Ryan Smith (614) 466-1366

3. Also call the Finance Committee and Health and Human Services Subcommittee. Strongly and respectively tell them, that HB91 is being held up in the Health and Aging Committee by Representative Sears trying to help the feds expand Medicaid in Ohio. That without their support, this bill will die in committee.

Finance Committee:

Rep Ron Amstutz (614)466-1474
Rep. Jeff McClain (614)644-6265
Rep. Richard Adams (614)466-8114
Rep. Marlene Anielski (614)644-6401
Rep. Peter Beck (614)644-6027
Rep. Timothy Derickson (614)644-5094
Rep. Mike Dovilla (614)466-4895
Rep. Mike Duffy (614)644-6030
Rep Anne Gonzales (614)466-4847
Rep. Dave Hall (614)466-2994
Rep. Bill Hayes (614)466-2500
Rep. Ron Maag (614)644-6023
Rep Ross McGregor (614)466-2038
Rep. Cliff Rosenberger (614)466-3506
Rep. Barbara Sears (614)466-1731
Rep. Ryan Smith (614)466-1366
Rep. Robert Sprague (614)466-3819
Rep. Peter Stautberg (614)644-6886
Rep. Gerald Stebelton (614)466-8100

Health and Human Services Subcommittee

Nickie J. Antonio (614) 466-5921
Rep. Robert Sprague (614)466-3819
Rep. Barbara Sears (614)466-1731
Rep Anne Gonzales (614)466-4847
Mike Foley (614) 466-3350

4.  Join the Nullify Obamacare Group for Ohio on Facebook.  Get involved, let others know what kind of responses you get, plan strategy and more.  http://www.facebook.com/groups/nullifyobamacareohio/

Also, The Ohio Tenth Amendment Center Facebook Page here.

5.  Share this information widely.  Please pass this along to your friends and family.  Also share it with any and all grassroots groups you’re in contact with around the state.  Please encourage them to email this information to their members and supporters.


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