BillofRights+GlockOn Wednesday, March 13 at 12:30 PM Central, Rep. Joe Carr will take his legislation to protect Tennesseans against a potential gun ban or registration scheme before the House Civil Justice Subcommittee. Sen. Joey Hensley will carry the bill in the Senate.

Tennessee’s HB 0042 provides for misdemeanor penalties for state or federal officials who attempt to enforce an unconstitutional gun ban against semi-automatic firearms, ammunition, or accessories.

The Tennessee bill is based on Wyoming bill HB 0104. Rep. Joe Carr did close one of the loopholes in Wyoming’s HB 0104 when filing his version in Tennessee. Wyoming’s legislation did not include ammunition as an item protected from any potential gun ban or registration scheme, however Tennessee’s HB 0042 does protect ammunition.

This bill is a good start to stopping any kind of gun grab or registration coming from Washington, DC. According to Rep. Carr, it is likely to be a difficult sell to the Tennessee General Assembly. In order to gain real protection from the state government, Tennesseans are going to have to work hard and earn it through activism and lobbying legislators to make it happen.


  1. If you can be in attendance at the meeting, be there! It will be held in room HHR 31 at the state capitol.
  2. Call all the members of the House Civil Justice Subcommittee and ask them to support HB 0042. Because time is of the essence, a call will be more effective than an e-mail, but preferably do both! Remember to be polite, but firm.

Rep. Jim Coley, Chair
(615) 741-8201,

Rep. Mike Carter
(615) 741-3025,

Rep. Vance Dennis
(615) 741-2190,

Rep. Andrew Farmer
(615) 741-4419,

Rep. Sherry Jones
(615) 741-2035,

Rep. Jon Lundberg
(615) 741-7623,

Rep. Mike Stewart
(615) 741-2184,

Rep. Rick Womick
(615) 741-2804,

Join our Facebook group where we will be coordinating activism related to this bill.

Lesley Swann

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